Boston and Colorado

This is my first year in the Boston area with a team headed to the World Series.

I’ve been an off and on again Rockies fan. Too bad I won’t be able to break out my hat this year.

I’m a Red Sox fan living in Denver. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get tickets. And I’m sure you can wear your Rockies hat, even in Boston. People might laugh at you but that’s about it. ;-p

Merakon, he’d be killed and his body paraded through the streets.

Sure, it would’ve been worse, had it been Yankess versus Red Sox, but still.

Try being a Broncoes fan in San Francisco, or anywhere but Denver, for that matter… You get mocked. Not that my team is anything but crap this year.

I’ve found it tough to be a fan of any Colorado-based team anywhere but Colorado. Mountain envy?

Have some courage. My best in friend in high school was a Yankees fan from Revere.

What a blowout! I’m officially depressed. I’m just hoping they can pull one win on the road and take the three straight at home. They have a huge field at home and I don’t think the Sox will be up to it if they can score a few hits.

We only hate Yankees fans up here.

And all other NFL fans, but that is another story.
1 down 3 to go.
Rockies fan in Boston- dude break out the hat, we don’t care. We might give you some crap but you are going to get thrown in a locker or something.
Wear a Yankee’s uniform to a Sox game though…I’ve seen that guy get his butt kicked.

Please, the worst I’ve ever seen is beer spills and sissy slap fights by drunks. Fenway Park isn’t exactly in a the projects or something.

There were plenty of Yankees fans at Fenway in 2004. Hardly any of them were tasered.

That guy I mentioned was in the Aug series 2004 vs. the Yanks. Right out by the pole. He came out dressed like Babe Ruth and started catcalling Trot Nixon. He was promptly thumped by another fan.
I saw 6 Yank games between 2k3 adn 2k4 including the famous Pedro vs. the old man game-it can be the ugliest crowd around. This year and last though the Sox/Yank games have been quite civil.

And we only hate Red Sox fans out here.

And there is balance in the force.

And so it shall ever be.

Actually, I just heard the story, form the Daily Show, that at ground Zero, there was a bunch of people, and one of them was wearing a Sox hat, and apparently a police officer went,

“HEY, Sox Suck!”

Which says a lot.

This Red Sox/Yankees thing is really getting out of hand. People should not be beaten up because they like a different team and wear the hat down the street. I also read about Red Sox fans not giving a guy in a Yankees hat water during the marathon.

I’m all for rivalries and giving people a hard time during the games, but let’s keep it light. I used to think this rivalry was good for baseball. Now I think it’s bad for mankind.

Yeah, I agree wholeheartedly. I little ribbing is okay, but when someone isn’t getting water at a marathon? Thats just not right.

I enjoy it when sports rivalries add a little drama and excitement to the games, but that sort of stuff is just stupid. I love baseball, but I know that none of it actually matters. I have more than a few close friends who are Yankees fans, and we are quite capable of watching games together without incident.

Hell, my family can’t agree on a team to support for any sport, ever, but we get along just fine. The Michigan-Ohio State game is particularly amusing when the family is together.

Who’s getting beat up by walking down the street? You have a story somewhere?

I also read about Red Sox fans not giving a guy in a Yankees hat water during the marathon.

Now that’s just funny.