Boston Legal: Shatner trek geek fun

Did anybody else pick up on the sound Shatner’s cell phone made when he opened it? I didn’t think I was a trek geek until I heard the old-school trek communicator chirp and nearly fell out of my chair laughing. My wife just looked at me funny.

“So, you people are all astronauts… on some kind of Star Trek?”

No, but, what phone lets you have a sound when you “open” it? I guess it is a flip phone? Model?

The model that “produces” sounds recorded on to the show’s soundtrack by the studio’s sound department rather than the phone itself.

It’s a Motorola (Nextel) i850 that they used. You could hack into virtually any phone and make it do that, though it was probably sound dudes that just input it.

I like my phones simple, but for it to make that sound when I flip it open I would buy one such phone. :-)

Thanks for the replies.

Worst Trek line ever.

Thanks Imageshack!