Boston research questions

Wellsley, Newton , Sudbury, Milton come to mind.

Are you looking for just expensive or something that has some sort of land with an estate attached to it? Newton is pricey but your going to find most stuff has like .26 acres of land. Weston might be a better bet if you are looking for more properties with more space.

For fairground stuff, oof, um…Salisbury beach is a bit north. Has arcades, gokarts and the like and I think it’s still around. We used to have parks with rides and coasters on the shore but they all kind of closed down. So if this is set in the past that opens things up a bit. For shops there’s always Rockport. That’s not too far off from Hammond Castle too which could be an interesting location depending what you are doing, look it up.

Salisbury beach is pretty beat up nowadays. There’s an arcade there with all the old video game machines upstairs (Asteroids, Battlezone, and the like), and there’s about a half a block of bad fried food places next to the beach, but the last time I was there it was pretty depressing.

Hammond Castle is really cool, and has the reputation of being haunted. Apparently among Hammond’s many patents, is one for radio-controlled vehicles. So he made a radio-controlled rowboat and had it out in the ocean, and, well, it was the ghostly rowboat!

And he would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids.

A more out of the way spot is just a bit south of Hammond Castle. A little place called Magnolia, which, aside from the wonderful name, is like a slightly smaller, not as commercial Rockport. It’s got a shopping area of about a block, and a lot of big old houses.

I also learned something about Rockport this past summer. Rockport was once one of the leading suppliers of granite in the country. There are giant granite quarries filled with water in the non-touristy parts of the town. These are locked up and not talked about to outsiders, and there’s a select group of locals who have keys to the various obstacles to get to them. They swim in these quarries. There are very few people allowed access by the city council, and the waiting list to get keys is so long it can take generations to be able to swim in the quarries. The family that I went swimming with has been living there 50+ years, and the grandmother only recently got her key. She plans on willing it to her grandchildren, as long as they keep the Rockport property in the family.

My girlfriend took pictures. I’ll see if I can get some to post if anyone’s interested.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I was just looking for something to use as a placeholder as it will probably change once they start scouting locations anyway, but this stuff has been very helpful.

Sort of off topic but this site is pretty cool. Lots of locations that would be great in a horror movie. Worcester State Hospital is right near me, I’ve wandered around there a few times but never got inside, kind of jealous that these folks did.

Oh man, sneaking around Worcester Asylum… Memories! :)