Boston Shits a Brick Over ATHF Signs

Apparently, TimeWarner cable was engaged in guerilla marketing for Aqua Teen Hunger force in several cities, placing signs featuring the mooninites around. So Boston starts panicking over these “mysterious packages” and calls out the homeland security, bomb squad, etc…

I’d actually heard a radio story earlier in the day about “mysterious packages” in Boston, announced with all the breathless anticipation the media musters when something bad might happen. Now, it’s pretty damn funny to see wire stories trying to explain what a mooninite shooting the bird is.

I hope Adult Swim doesn’t get fined. I look forward to their programming more than any other channel on tv.

Well it would be Time/Warner paying the fine…

The media generated hysteria on this is text book. The signs have been in place for weeks. Some idiot on the Boston force thought one was suspicious and had the bomb squad destroy it. Then they realize that they are placed all over the city and now have to pretend that it’s a problem. So they basically turned it into a training exercise. Meanwhile the media is hammering away with “mysterious packages” and “unknown threat?” at the same time quietly admitting that the mayor’s office informed them what it was. Reporters were pulling a Daily Show-esque, finger to the ear, “ok… now… I’m just getting word that we have more information… back to you Chet,” only to return to the anchor recapping the same non-story with the same non-specific “mysterious packages”.

Haha I love this town.

Does nobody on the police force watch ATHF?

  • Alan

Why would they? On top of that, the characters on the displays weren’t even common ones.

It’d be quite easy to overreact to what was happening. Unfortunately they’re calling it a “hoax” which is way over the top, considering it was never really intended as a hoax to begin with.

— Alan

First, I was a gangster of love. Now I am a terrorist of spacecataz!

Well, it looks like the lawsuits will start flying, with the mayor and governer being “livid”. If they really want heads to roll, they should be at the police dept which vastly overreacted. If the terrorists are laughing at us, it isn’t because we’re debating pulling troops out of Iraq, its because we’ve turned into a nation of dumb pussies scared of our own shadows.

You’ve always been like that. Seriously, who locks their door when theiy’re home? I remember our door being literally wide open in the summer.

If they had put them on billboards, this wouldn’t be a problem, but unfortunately they (the viral marketing firm) put them on places that are conceivably terror targets where frankly advertising and other foreign objects are not normally allowed, ever.

Worse, the city and state are looking to sue and extract their revenge on, ultimately, Turner Broadcasting, for having themselves made look incredibly stupid. The guy who originally put the magnetic signs on the bridges has already been arrested (albeit he turned himself in).

Honestly this looks like a giant fuckup all the way around.

— Alan

They’ve arrested the guy who created these and put them up.

I think this is going to end up being very embarrassing and expensive for the city, but since they’re trying to save face they might as well keep digging.

It’s like this all over again:
Except this time it was actually used as advertising as usual.

I used to think Boston was cool. But they changed, man.

I think they can count this advertising in the “success” column.

If your bomb squad can’t tell the difference between a light bright and a bomb without blowing it up…


Homeland security at work people.

So sometimes this is bad, sometimes just confusing but in all previous cases, people ranted against corporate ads being displayed everywhere… this time it is okay because?

In the microsoft case they had to pay to clean it up, IBM had a similar problem (can’t remember it clearly so no linky), but each time the company doing it was fined. This should be no different, right?

If these were just pieces of art for arts sake, it would be an entirely different discussion, but as it stand, these are nothing but ads. Right?

Chet: Are you getting this? Because I’m giving it as hard as I can.

Seriously, who locks their door when theiy’re home? I remember our door being literally wide open in the summer.

Yeah, so are mine. Who are you referring to that locks their door when they’re at home in the summer?

Mooninite neon, not a bomb - $710 and counting