Both of Minnesota's chambers of government have legalized same-sex marriage

What a nice day. Last week, the Minnesota House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill which would legalize same-sex marriage. Today, the Minnesota Senate passed a similar bill. Tomorrow, our Governor, former U.S. Senator Mark Dayton will sign it into law on the steps of the Minnesota Capitol. Opponents of the bill have conspired to make it ninety degrees tomorrow.

Our state isn’t breaking any speed records legalizing gay marriage. It’s the twelfth US state to legalize it. France beat us, for pity’s sake. Our local media has been careful to note that our method of legalization differs from our neighbors down Iowa way—it’s legalized by law and not by court order. I suppose that makes it harder to overturn.

I recognize that many people in my state hold the same opinions that ten years ago were shared by an overwhelming majority. I hope that their marriages will not be unduly stressed by today’s legislation. Soon we will look back at this day and wonder what the big deal was, and why it didn’t happen long ago. But for now, we celebrate.

It’s a delightful day to be a Minnesotan!

Congratulations Minnesota!