Botox to Control Muscle Spasms/Interpolating Surgical Option

I recently was sitting in the doctors office and some health channel is always running.

It covered-what I’m assuming is a new use for botox-for muscle spasms.

Personally, I have a spinal cord injury and spasticity is rated on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being the worst. I score 4’s and 5’s depending on which muscle grouping.

I have exhausted all of the types of and amounts of medicines to control the spasms-unless I took a truckload of say baclofen or diazepam or tizanadine. Hence I have started the process of the surgical route to implant the medtronics device in the abdominal area and a catheter tube is threaded around and goes directly into the spinal cord. This option is both ideal and effective because it uses the drugs in micro liters. The device is refilled every 1-2 months using the needle/syringe method thru a portal in the unit just under the skin.

Originally the idea of implanting foreign objects into my body terrified me. Considering the onset of severe muscle spasms-starting in 2003-2004 and progressively getting worse, the option finally seemed much more appealing. But then the botox for muscle spasms information became a potential option.

Does anyone have any 1st hand personal knowledge about using botox for muscle spasms-as it would be ideal to avoid becoming part robocop.

I have limited experience… I have never given it. I think pain neurologists (or most neurologists) will give Botulinum toxin (aka BOTOX) as an intramuscular injection. From what I understand it can knock you out if used too much (nausea, headache, malaise, muscle weakness)… but I presume it will only be an adjunctive treatment like the other meds you have listed.

It isn’t new – it’s been used for years – so there should be a lot of info on it. Rather than posting on a video game forum… have you tried a chronic pain forum or a neuro forum?

No harm in trying though… ask your FP to refer you.

Actually, that was the original medical use for it and the FDA approved it for this use in 1989 (research on its use in muscle spasms goes back to the 1950s). The plastic surgery use came later and wasn’t FDA approved until 2002.

But I’m afraid I don’t know anyone personally who has used it to control muscle spasms.

That botox treatment for spasms has been around for awhile. I was on the jury in a med-mal trial maybe 15 years ago, and the plaintiff at one time had undergone the botox treatment for a facial tic. It worked, but it needed to be periodically reapplied, and she finally opted for brain surgery to control the tic and something went wrong in the recovery room and she had a stroke. That was the basis of the med-mal case, not the botox injections.

I’d have to say having the artifical stuff permanently placed in my own body was a real fear too. I nearly passed away several years ago from a double lumen port. It’s taken me many years and some pretty bad circumstances to have another one re-implanted. Just had it done in December. Besides the fact it’s migrated a ways down my chest I’ve surprisngly come to terms with it faster than I thought. When my pancrease finally craps out I’ll be getting an insulin pump too.

So try not to let the fear of an artificial device ruin your chances for a better quality of life. I can’t help you with first-hand knowledge of the Botox option, but I do know the Medtronics neurostimulator is a great device and works well.

Something tells me that despite all the setbacks you are thriving-not just surviving-applauses!.

Doesn’t hurt to pick up all the knowledge of affliction care along the way!

Sharing your knowledge and helping people feels GOOD. The energy of the immediate area elevates not for just the helper and the helpee, but for those witnessing the event.

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