Hey folks,

Is there any applications out there that will help you narrow down the bottleneck in a system? i.e. is your processor lagging behind your video card. A couple friends have built new systems lately, and I’ve been putting together some new PCs at work, so I’m kind of getting the bug to build one for myself. Just curious because it would be interesting to run such a thing on the rigs I’ve built at work and the ones my friends have put together.


The best bet is to do a comprehensive benchmark suite (see Anandtech reviews for suggestions) and see which results lag.

Run the thing that you want to run fast and open Microsoft Resource Monitor on your second screen. That will give you a pretty good idea whether it’s the CPU, IO or something else.

Just run a benchmark, but make sure whichever you choose is the same for all systems. There are free benchmarks all over the place. That won’t tell you bottlenecks outright, but will point to the flaws of one system versus another, which is sounds like what you are trying to do here.

I think the more recent versions of 3D Mark will actually recommend certain upgrades.

Excellent. Thanks for the advice, folks.