Bottles of Parmesan cheese and minced onion hard to find?

What’s going on with these? Couldn’t find them most of the summer, and went looking for them and still, no store had them in stock.

Bottles of Parmesan?

Oh. That stuff. I prefer to buy a chunk and grate it myself. To each his own.

We buy Romano from Costco in a bag.

I have 400 such bottles in storage for pasta week in January.

In seriousness, I see tons of such cheese at all the local stores. Perhaps Michigan is being denied cheese by outside forces?

It’s the Canadians. First they took the Upper Peninsula. And now the Parmesan.


I saw the title and thought “this must be a @jpinard thread”. Was not disappointed. :D

I cam in here to find out what exactly bottles of Permesan cheese looks like. Then I realized it’s that stuff mom and dad used to serve with spaghetti. I just consider it a shaker, you know, like pepper and salt.

I am sad Cheese Tube isn’t in the thread title.

If I recall there was an issue with that stuff being cut with wood pulp in the past.

I suppose they stopped that. I hope.

Yeah, I avoid that stuff. Yes because of the sawdust past, but also because real grated parmesan is just so much better. And it ain’t even that much more expensive!

Grated Parm has a short shelf life, regardless of how it’s packaged. Once grated the essential oils and flavors just evaporate. I worked at a deli where I fought with a manager who wanted to grind up pounds of a fine Parmesan wheel and put it in plastic bags. He did. I lost the argument.

Honestly, get yourself some sheeps milk romano and REALLY treat yourself.

So apparently I’ve inadvertently eaten a lot of trees over the years. Nice.

Both are wonderful. Be flexible. :)

Sorry JP. The truth will set you free. :)

Hard cheese like parmesan lasts for quite some time, get yourself a wedge, convert! It will be delicious.

Look, with 3 kids it’s not about the quality, its time. Grating it may be better, but takes longer. shredded real parm is the compromise I can live with.