Boxing games for PC?

Are there any recent and good boxing games for the PC?


unfortunately no…

there is Boxing Manager though! :D ( :( )

Title Bout Championship Boxing from OOTP Developments is really about the only thing out there currently, and it’s a text sim so might not be at all what you’re looking for. It’s mostly a historical replay type sim as well, as running your own “career” takes a fair amount of work on the user end.

Really well done game though.

As far as an actual playable boxing game I can’t think of a decent one on PC since 4D Boxing.

4D Boxing
ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing

…oh you mean, THIS decade?

I played that so much. I don’t even like boxing, but god damn I loved that game.

Where are you going to plug in your Wiimote?

Back in “the day”, me, my brother and one of our friends played this ALL the time.
Ringside Seat for the C-64