"Boy has fit playing violent computer game"

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I’ll quote what I feel are the most relevant parts.

A boy of 11 collapsed unconscious minutes after starting to play a violent computer game.

The game, described as ‘one of the most frightening and exciting experiences you will ever have’, is marked for users aged 15 and above.

The disorder affects nearly one per cent of children aged one to 14

“It is a very regettable incident that has happened to this young boy,” he said. “We’re glad to hear he’s OK.”

But he added: “The game is intended for people aged 15 and over. There is a warning within the manual for Resident Evil, as there is for all video games, which does talk about the potential risks involved.

Conclusion: stop whining, parents. Take some responsibility.

ages 15 and above? I though the M rating meant 17 and up?

I think the Daily Mail was the newspaper that “broke” the games-and-epilepsy controversy in the West in the early 1990s, doing so with the headline, “Nintendo Killed My Son” on christmas day. That’s definitely an IIRC. Could have been any shitty British tabloid.

The linked piece is a textbook example of how to fold in a moral objection (violent games) into a genuine medical problem (photosensitive epilespy) with an eye to deliberately giving the false appearance of causal association. It’s a little shoddy, however, as if someone went to a lot of effort to do this very subtly, but a hamfisted editor deleted whole paragraphs to get it to fit in the page slot (In European newspapers, Layout is Law. Your story WILL be 21.4 inches long)

I often get the feeling that there is a faction buried in the U.S. conservative monoculture that itches desperately to wallow in all the pseudoscientific bullshit it can get its hands on. Because the theology is there to stop them, you don’t see it, except for, say, the Baptist Pastor who has just one too many books about homeopathy or alien abductions. In the U.K., I submit, there’s nothing beyond a kind of tepid blue-rinse institutional ritual to hold anyone back, so conservative papers like the Mail just slurp up total hogwash like “violent games case epilepsy”, “measles jabs cause autism,” etc.

Ummm…it’s photosensitive epilepsy. The cause is flashing lights, NOT violence. Why are they even trying to make such a connection? This could have happened playing Animal Crossing (assuming there are flashing lights in the game).

A boy had an epileptic seizure while playing a game, something which every single game on the market has a warning about at the very beginning of the manual. But this is irrelevant because the game was violent. VIOLENT! [size=+3]V-I-O-L-E-N-T[/size]

You know there is a magic with numbers and violence… e.g.

Did you know that every Kid that gets an epileptic fit eats bread???

So whats hindering us to forbid bread for them?

I personally have decided to ignore news like that since i started with roleplaying in the 80´s.

Or didnt you know that most roleplayers are invoking lucifer and satan at every possible moment???

just my 5 € cent.

ESRB does not exist in the UK, it is gov’t ratings or something, slightly different.

The Daily Mail is middle-class conservative, reactionary, FUD-peddling, personal-responsibility-avoiding crap.

I would not be surprised to find them printing a entire issue full of pictures of dead babies under the headline “WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN? [SIZE=“1”]Vote Tory[/SIZE].”

Hell, I’m shocked Jack Thompson has not yet acquired a weekly column in it.

Yeah, it’s age based - 12, 15 and 18. Although a lot of games still keep their ESRB ratings anyway, and we’ve got our own similar thing, PEGI.

There’s PEGI and the BBFC (the movie classification people) also rate games. BBFC ratings get decent enforcement at the point of sale. Oh, and an 18 rating isn’t a kiss of death. FEAR is rated 18, for example, whereas CoD2 is only 15.

I am horrified by the notion that the government itself might rate games accurately and reasonably, disgusted by the deflating lack of controversy this results in, and appalled by the failure of these measures to distort the market or chill creativity.

Something must be done.

I vote we have pie.

So get in the kitchen and bake it, bitch!

Actually, there’s an extremely high correlation between food consumption and eventual death. [insert rolleyes smiley here]

  • Alan

The problem is that, obviously, the kid is not doing enough cocaine.

I think I almost did a double take when I read that, how are you out and about when your on drugs and coke? I mean I guess when your high you could go anywhere.

That mother needs to talk with a mother whose son is on cocaine.

Maybe they could arrange a trade.

I’m sorry, Charlie, you can’t have that gameboy, but, here, snort this!