"Boy has fit playing violent computer game"

Oh, one quick thing for those who don’t bother to click on the link to read the full story, but there are two, completely unrelated boys. I don’t want people to somehow link the kid with the seizure and his parents and the kid whose idiot mother would prefer her kid on coke than gaming.

Well, I did want to link them, but only in jest, not to imply they’re one and the same!

I know what game Ill be buying next. Thanks hehe

Now if only someone would create a game that let you toss steak knives at Smedley and Torres from SOE.

Actually this condition was first noticed during a Japanese kid’s cartoon. It was something like Dragonball Z with a bunch of flashing lights. If I remember correctly they aired this one particular episode and a couple dozen kids freaked out.

Funny enough marijuana counteracts any of these symptoms. At least that is what I told myself in the early nineties. If the above facts aren’t exactly true you can blame the same thing.

Uh, I believe that condition and causes were known before this, you’re refering to the Pokemon episode, however. Many of the children who suffered seizures during this particular episode had never had a seizure before, and had to medication condition predisposing them to have such a reaction.

The main problem, IIRC, was the flashing lights and the fact that Japanese children tend to sit closer to bigger televisions.

She should just make her kid play any post-Populous releases by Peter Molyneaux. They’re all pretty analogous to doing coke: giddy nervous anticipation, initial big-time euphoric high, quick and severe crash that cannot be adequately regained thereafter. And I think his games make your dick shrink, too.

Kids, if your parents try this on you, hold out for coke AND hookers before you’ll set Puzzle Pirates aside.

What I’ve always wondered is, if photosensitive epilepsy can be triggered by television, why do they always blame video games? Shouldn’t earlier exposure to television have set off the symptoms, thus warning the parents?