Boy-on-boy kissing in Bully

Go Rockstar!

I’m starting to flat out admire their boundary-pushing skill. They’re just holding a mirror up to society, y’all. Thing is, society can’t fucking handle it! I confidently expect the theocrats to shit their panties but good over this one…

How sad it is that I can’t decide whether this belongs in Games or P&R. But I decided Games was more, er, fun :-D

OMG does the homosexual agenda have no limits! Now they are invading our video games with their propaganda! What will conservative Christians do to fight this most devious threat?! Film at 11… no… seriously, Film at 11. You do not think the main stream press will let this slip by for long, do you?

BTW what kind of game us bully anyway? A GTA style game?

Bully is an exaggerated school life simulation where every character is a caricature.

edit: mondays always suck

You mean bully?

And what is so fun about going to school?

Frankly, it’s the interactions with all the factions that are fun, as well as the well done characters and dialogue. It’s a solid and complete feeling world, and everything about it is just great.

I didn’t like GTA, but I liked the feel of GTA. Bully has the feel, and it’s actually a good game.

Rockstar isn’t pushing boundaries. They’re following paths that American television networks have already cleared.

If you have HBO and accidentally watched the movie Bully this weekend thinking it was about the game, none of this will surprise you.

But you will feel dirty, very dirty…


That’s actually a very good movie.

The sims had gay kissing. Nobody took notice.

This is a little different. If people look at this and say, “Its another GTA” then they are going look at it with a microscope.

Certainly this isn’t the first gay character in a game (or bisexual), although nearly all of them are stereo-types, which for some reason do not seem to piss off the Christian right as much.

However, I would gather that your main character is more ‘normal’ and lot a limp-wrested screaming queen. I am sure this is more threatening then a stereotypical gay guy.

Combine all that, the GTA heritage and the main-stream character, and you will have some controversy.

I do not think it will be big, but I would be very surprised if this game came and went without someone like Falwell or some pontiff railing about video games corrupting our youth bringing up the the ‘gay’ themes in this game.

Look at it this way, this ‘gay’ thing has gotten noticed by the lower echelons of the gaming press. Just take that fact into mind. If it was two girls kissing, this thread would not exist. No one would have cared enough to make a story about it.

Does this actually matter? Plenty of RPGs have allowed for same-sex relationships (or some hint of them)… this is making news just because Bully has the Rockstar logo on it. Give it a rest!

Well, there are issues though. Like how certain games can support same-sex relationships with the flip of a boolean, yet ship with the boolean disabled to avoid controversy. BG2 was like this.

Had I played a female lead in BG2, it would have been pretty difficult getting Aerie pregnant.

Though, no doubt, lots of fun trying.

What were the guy-on-guy relationships missing from BG2?

Korgan and umm…

Hell if I know. All I know is that for testing, a lot of the QA played with the boolean on so they could test the romances with all the NPCs in one pass.

Agreed. This isn’t news.

I’m pretty happy that so far Bully has very little content which anybody can really object against. From what I hear it seems the violence is rather mild and this kissing business isn’t anything far removed from what’s available on television. Good!! bring it on, slobbering crazy video game critics… cry wolf and get laughed out of court. Maybe then they’ll be a little less jumpy on the trigger.

I know a lot of gay-obsessed girls who are now suddenly interested in this game.

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