Brad Bird directing.... Mission Impossible 4?

Well, that’s a shame.

Still, I hope it gets him whatever leverage he needs to get back to 1906. I will always look forward to the next Brad Bird movie, even if it has Tom Cruise’s ego in it.

That’s a shame? I see nothing wrong with an immensely creative and talented director taking on an established franchise to bring new life to it.

Normally I’d agree, but man, you just described the premise behind putting John Woo on MI2.


Yeah, hopefully this breaks the streak of having a Mission Impossible movie be the worst movie* on a director’s imdb page.

  • OK, not the first one. Not because it’s super good, but because De Palma - and I say this as a fan - has made way, way worse.

I wouldn’t call it great, but MI3 was a far, far better movie than MI2.

Aw. I’m a sucker for the first one. Possibly for the rather silly reason that it seriously upset fans of the original show. Though Emmanuel Beart is crazy hot. I even love the totally awesome treatment of how the internet works.

But, yeah, DePalma made Snake Eyes.

And Mission To Mars.

Yeah, I think all that creativity and talent would be better spent on something other than hoisting Tom Cruise’s ego.

I’d be willing to bet that Bird took the job so he could get financing for the projects he actually wants to work on (1906) and I really hope that works out for him because I think he is brilliant.

Maybe so, but 5 minutes of Peter Graves or Martin Landau or Greg Morris is better than 3 hours of Tom Cruise.

I think after Tropic Thunder, any worries of Tom Cruise’s ego getting in the way are moot :-P

And a magical fortress made of rainbows would be better than 5 minutes of any of those guys! Hooray!

Man, what was wrong with MI3? That movie was a lot of fun, even if the style and tone was vastly different than MI1, which was also awesome.

I actually thought MI3 was the best of the series, so in a way I’m sad to see JJ Abrams not getting another MI under his belt. MI1 had some great sequences and some iffy ones if I remember, but I find DePalma such a wildly inconsistent director that I wasn’t surprised (I even thought Mission to Mars had a few decent moments here and there between the crap).

MI:III is great! It’s got some of the best “Tom Cruise running” scenes in the history of Tom Cruise running!

Seriously though, it’s a cool movie. I always get sucked into it again when it’s on TV.

Is “Tom Cruise can run” something everyone knows, because that was always something I thought to myself. I mean, if you need a guy to run in a movie, and make you FEEL like “Dude, that guy’s running like no one has ever run before,” you better cast Tom Cruise.

Woo’s cut of Mission Impossible 2 was 3.5 hours and unquestionably R-rated; studio and Cruise were not happy, so they edited the film themselves.

I wouldn’t really blame Woo for the disaster that ended up on screen.

…and Body Double.

Woo isn’t to blame for providing the studio with a movie he knew they couldn’t show?

Well, they did hire him. What’s the fucking point in hiring a guy like Woo and then editing the shit out of what he ends up giving you?

This would be a fun set to be on.