Brad Delp, R.I.P

Brad Delp, original lead singer of Boston (and off and on lead/supporting singer since), died last Friday. Boston was my favorite band for most of high school, and I still remember my excitement when Third Stage was finally released after many delays.

Here’s his Wikipedia page, which includes some info on his passing.

Edit - sorry for posting this in the wrong forum.

Caught this news last weekend, but I figured there were no fans on QT3.

I hope Brad’s boarded the big guitar-shaped Boston UFO and is spreading rock throughout the galaxy.

Rock on, Brad!

Enduro, you figured no one on the boards liked Boston? That’s crazy.

Anyway, I’m not a huge fan like Phil, but I’ve jammed to Boston in my day. I still think the vocals on More than a Feeling are some of the most amazing ever seen in rock music.

Well, I’d gone to the mountains for a weekend trip and Delp’s passing was pretty much the only big news I heard about for four days. I thought there’d be a massive outpouring of grief on the forums come Monday. Could still happen!

When More Than a Feeling plays on the radio, I am powerless to resist clapping my hands to the music. Even when I’m driving, to my passengers’ alarm.

The thing about Boston is you’ve got this guy with a Master’s in Engineering (EE I think) from MIT who used that to develop his own audio equipment, and then become a famous rock star. So I have a lot of respect for Tom Scholz for basically living the dual life I always wanted to.