Bradbury: "Fahrenheit 451 isnt' about censorship"

I recall the same thing, that the captain says as much in his argument with Montag (the one which ends with Montag killing him). The captain’s attitude is that of a kid who was forced to read books in school and found no practical value for for it.

It’s not the book you’d argue with, it’s the content inside. Did they burn empty notebooks? They didn’t have to burn the books to destroy them, and Frankenstein’s monster didn’t have to look like that. But it’s part of the fiction, to write about the extreme to prove a subtle point in reality.

Can we all just agree that The Murderer is about asshats on cell phones?

You know, the irony of it all is that dumbing Fahrenheit 451’s message down to “Censorship Bad,” and then parroting that until the reality of what it’s about is rejected, is a good example of the very dumbing down of Americans that Bradbury’s criticizing with the novel.

Somebody send that to Alanis Morissette and get her to fit it into a lyric.

Nobody who reads the webcomics you do should complain about the “dumbing down” of anything.

Ooooh, sick burn!

Bradbury was watching Fox News on a wall-sized HDTV when he was being interviewed for the article above, a point the reporter couldn’t help but notice.