Bragging on my daughter

I can’t help myself but I needed to brag on my little girl. She entered an American Lung Association picture contest this year. She was selected as 1 of 18 finalists from the 8,000 entries submitted in the state of Arkansas by kindergaten through fifth grade students. She has the opportunity to win some cool prizes - DVD player, tickets, gift certificates, gift bags. I’m pulling for the DVD player:-) JK, I’m just glad she did so well. I have to moderate her expectations because she thinks she will definiately win first prize. Her pic is below.


PS…She is in kindergarten.

I now you think she is pretty and all as she is your kid, but on my screen she looks like a little white box with a red “x” in the middle of it. :wink:

[size=6]DVD Player![/size]

Try refreshing the page. I got the red X too but refreshing the page helped.


I didn’t even see the little red X, here’s a link though: entry

She’s a smart kid Dave, good luck.

“404. This page is not available”.

Loyd Case

Refresh would not work. Went to the www. address looked at it, hit back and it was there.

Anyways, tell her I said congrats. I know that will mean a lot to her. My girl is two and gets smarter and cuter minute to minute. Maybe I will resurrect this thread in a few months when she creates a viable fuel alternative.

In deference to your girl, I will not make an Arkansas crack. :)

Sorry if you can’t see the pic. Free hosting is a crapshoot I guess - I uploaded it to the free geocities site that comes with my yahoo id.

Any suggestions on how to get the pic to stick?


Is that what makes people want to fuck her so badly?

I think someone finally crossed the line here…

Dave send me the pic and I’ll throw it into my miscellaneous directory. No sweat duder.

I’ll never understand people who don’t speak like people who speak like me.

Never in a million years would I use the preposition “on” to connect bragging with its subject.

Bragging about is the only acceptable phrasing.

Please edit the post topic and make the changes.

Or I’ll cry.


You can view pictures on geoshitties by copying the link location, opening a new browser, then pasting the link into the browser.

You can link to geoshitties images by changing their extension to .txt and linking that as an image. Most web browsers will automatically figure out that it’s really an image and display it accordingly

change the extension of the file to .txt and then change the inline link to .txt as well. It will then display.


Definition 2a: used as a function word to indicate the object of actual or implied action of a preceding noun, verb, or adjective directed against or toward the object <crept up ~ him> <a satire ~ society> <keen ~ sports>

-Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, c. 1976

I checked the definition of about and didn’t find its usage to be more proper. I understand your frustration as I have phrasing preferences of my own, but the topic will stand unedited. I hope you have a tissue close by.


Picture file name is changed. I bow to the genius of Union Carbide and Chet. Thanks for the offer voltaic. I think the problem is solved.


Looks pretty good to me!

I take it, DavidCPA, that neither you nor your wife are smokers? :wink:

As an aside, I wonder if “brag on” is a regional phrase. There are lots of these – for example, when I was a student growing up in California, you would “get” grades (“I got an A”). However, in the mid-Atlantic, kids “make” grades (“I made an A”) – a turn of phrase which always makes me cringe.

Okay, sorry, useless aside. :oops:

Again, pretty damn talented kid you’ve got, David!


No my wife and I are not smokers, but most of her ideas for the drawings came from what they taught her at school. She takes that things they tell her about drungs, smoking and alcohol very seriously. On a less serious note, she also showed me a hand gesture that you aren’t supposed to do at school (I think you can guess the one I am talking about). According to my daughter, her classmate Nick was teaching it to everyone in class and got in big, bad Ms. Cavin trouble. Ah, benefits of a public school education.


This is the problem with the Internet. There is obviously a right way and a wrong way to use the preposition “on,” but when you meet people from all over the world, most of them are obviously going to be doing it backwards. Oh well. (Don’t even get me started on “making” an A. Did you fashion it out of letter molecules?)

Anyway…great kid you got there. :D

Just remember what you said about all the stuff your kid learns at school when she comes home spouting some crazy political nonsense from 2012 and you’re horrified.

Then you’ll wonder about the kind of indoctrination kids get at public school.

All kids that age take the stuff their taught seriously, it’s when they get OLDER that it becomes harder. My 8 year old routinely reminds me that drugs are bad, smoking will make you die early, and you should listen to people and try not to hurt their feelings. It’s when she’s 14 and adults suck donkey nads that I worry about.

Though it’s still cool that she’s putting it all together. Kudos.