Brainiac - techtv

I love this show. It’s on my tivo season pass and never miss an episode now. Anyone else even seen it?

Braniac as in the comedy science show? Three seasons worth so far, plus the history spin-off.

After all this time, I can’t believe people still call it TechTV.

Wishful thinking?

I’ve watched it a few times but the humor is very forced. It gets in the way of enjoying the show.

Attack of the Show is funnier.


I dunno. Braniac falls flat a lot of the time, but electrocuting a guy while he tries to drink a beer trumps most of what I’ve seen on AotS.

Wishful thinking?[/quote]

Maybe :)

Didn’t know how many seasons there have been. It is obvious there have been several. I actually watch it with my kids, having my finger on the fast forward button all the time. Why? I can hear you saying. It’s like having a science class with a mad scientist that doesn’t always get things right, but you know it’s going to be fun to watch. Plus they blow stuff up. My kids have a taken a genuine interest in the science they are studying now, especially chemistry and physics based things.

I like Braniac. It’s a cheerful, chaotic show that doesn’t take itself even remotely seriously, but with just enough science to make it more than a few guys blowing stuff up constantly. I’m sure the number of schoolkids who knew what non-Newtonian fluids are shot up after they demonstrated it by having Jon Tickle walking on custard. Yeah, it falls flat sometimes, and some bits are series long pointless ideas (Professor Myang Lee stuff especially) but it’s fun to watch, and even the crap jokes have some camp amusement value.

I’ve seen it a few times, and I rather enjoyed it. It’s The Man Show for geeks, essentially. Not very deep stuff, but hey man, boobs, explosions, and a guy making his own quicksand… what’s not to like?

One of my faves was when they were chucking big lumps of caesium and sodium into an old bath of water. They wanted to try francium but werent allowed :)

Probably because that would send radioactive particulate matter into the air. I mean, explosions are nice and all, but you don’t want to die of radiation poisoning. :D

<insert joke about wanting G4 hosts to die of radiation poisoning…>