Brand new iPad: Week 1 advice?

I won an iPad 3, and just came home from an Apple store where I traded it for a 64 Gig 4G Verizon one (since I won a 32 Gig Wifi one, the upgrade wasn’t very expensive.)

So - first week I’ll have with it, what are the "must do"s and “must buys?” Some questions I know to ask (and I’m sure there are many things I’m too ignorant to ask) -

  1. Case?
  2. Do you guys use a screen protector? It would drive me crazy to get a scratch on the screen.
  3. Warranty: I turned down the offer for AppleCare until I could check out what people thought of that warranty vs. Squaretrade (or some other 3rd party warranty.)
  4. Set up tips and tricks, especially those which would not be obvious? (I have an iPhone and thus Apple account, fwiw.)
  5. Absolute must have software.
  6. Other things?


  1. Maybe. Depends on your use habits, like how often it’s traveling with you and in what conditions.
  2. No. I also don’t use a case, which I’m willing to concede is too “risky” for some, but unless you’re just handing it off to young children unsupervised, I think you’re extremely unlikely to do any damage to the screen short of absolute disasters that a screen protector wouldn’t help with anyway. I’ve been using an iPad 1 since it launched, an iPhone 4S since it launched, the 3GS before that, and long ago an iPod Touch, and never had case, a screen protector, or a scratch on the glass of any of them. The back of my iPad has some scuffing and the plastic back of the 3GS had light cosmetic scratching. Doesn’t bother me, though it could be a factor in resale value if you’re planning for that.
  3. I buy AppleCare+ on my phones because I figure they’re in greater danger of drops through normal handling. My iPhone is frequently in use while in transit. In and out of my pocket while I’m on the go, grabbing it with my hands full of groceries as I get out of the car, distracting me as I check twitter while I’m walking down the sidewalk, etc. My iPad doesn’t travel as much, and when it does, it’s into a bag when I leave my house, and untouched until I’m taking it out of the bag at my destination.
  4. The details will depend on your existing email/contacts/calendar setup, but through iCloud or Gmail you can have most of those things synced, which is obviously nice. Just remember you can pick and chose combinations of those things, you could sync your Google calendars and your iCloud email, or whatever’s most convenient. Once you set it up, it’s pretty transparent. And I haven’t bought into doing my backups to iCloud yet, but wireless syncing to iTunes on my computer is fantastic. Having it sync and periodically backup just by plugging it in to charge around the house is far more convenient than having to plug it directly into my computer.
  5. Tweetbot is my favorite twitter client, it’s universal, and it supports Tweet Marker, so it’s nice having my Twitter feed location sync between my iPhone and iPad.
  6. A stylus isn’t necessary at all, but it can be fun specifically for drawing/sketching apps. I like the Cosmonaut, and Penultimate and Paper are both fun apps to doodle with.

I use a case. It’s not that I’m terribly worried about damaging the iPad (and a screen protector isn’t really needed), it’s that the iPad will wake and sleep based on whether the case is open (on iPad 2 and up, with cases that support that - it’s magnet based, evidently), and it can be folded into an impromptu stand in one of a couple of configurations. (This is what I bought, very happy with it.).

I don’t use my iPad for things like email or calendar or contacts - that’s my phone or my computer. But Netflix, ComicGlass (full featured comic viewer), and Goodreader (PDF viewer) are my go to utility apps. Spotify, Kindle, Nook, etc also have useful iPad apps. AppShopper is invaluable for the bargain hunter.

I use the Skech Porter case and absolutely love it. Very slim and solid feel when closed, and looks great in white or black. Magnets (auto on/of), easy to open/close, simple stand – I carry it everywhere, like a journal.

The version listed for iPad 2 works perfectly on my 3.

I really love this site.

Setting it up in iTunes. I have an iPhone. It is asking me if I want to set this up as a new device, or restore the backup from my iPhone. What is the right answer?

I always do new device, it never occurred to me to set my iPad up from a backup of my phone. Now that you’ve asked though, I’m not sure I know exactly what the pros and cons would be.

My main question I guess is can I get my iPhone apps and music to the iPad 3 if I set this up as a new device?

Yes. Just be aware that not all iPhone apps are universal, and if they aren’t the iPad will display them in an iPhone-sized window in the center of the screen.

Ah, so that answers my question of which ones are iPhone (which I’ll delete from the iPad) and which are universal.

Hmmm. If I delete them from my iPad, will it delete them from iTunes when I hook back up and thus delete them from my iPhone when I connect it?

Nope. In fact, once you’ve purchased it, it stores your rights to the app in the cloud now and you can download it to any device connected to your account again.

Cool. Looking at my apps in iTunes, I’m surprised at some of the ones that aren’t Universal. Sigh.

That’s because many app makers want to resell you an updated version with iPad graphics for $3 or $4. (And where have we gotten that we’re annoyed at spending another $3 for an enhanced version of something we find useful or fun?)

You can’t forget the games. There are lots of great ones, but the following are the ones I keep coming back to.

Plants versus Zombies
Kingdom Rush
Jetpack Joyride
Puzzle Quest 2

I’d cheerfully pay for an enhanced version. What’s annoying is when the only change is that it supports the iPad resolution.

I have bought 10+ iPad cases and settled for not using one at all. But coming in second is the Speck CandyShell.

App: Tweetbot or Quip for Twitter, the latter having a great feature to show conversations in a twit.

Tapatalk HD to view forums.

Flipboard, Zite, Reeder for news reading.

Comics by Comixology to read and buy comics.

Alien Blue HD, a great Reddit client!!

Yeah, my only experience has been my iPhone, but I’ve been spoiled by the low cost of just about everything on there, and in particular the use/price ratio.

What do you store it in when not using it, and what do you use to carry it from place to place?

Neoprene sleeves usually but right now it’s in an Incipio Lexington case. Carried in an earlier version of this from Brenthaven:™-satchel