Brasco & buddies teach us gun about control

I caught this one over at the SA Forums:

Great stuff.

I’s be speechless.

They need to make one about condoms.

I hate you 'cause you’re different!

Why are they doing that in the last picture?

Edit: I should have looked at the actual picture. In the thumbnail it kinda, almost looks like they are…you know, what’s it called…

OK, it’s friday and I’ve had a couple of cold ones, that stuff is made up right?

The basic idea is “funny, but not a joke”

Jews are weird.

“The united nations is a very bad organisation made up of foreign countries.” Is my favourite line. All the good international organisations are obviously made up of non foreign countries.

Aren’t Israel and the United States part of the United nations?

I’m sure these people know the “fun of a gun”.

Psssh, I found this years ago, and have The Japanese Want Your Guns on my cell phone. You are all so inferior.