Breaking down and cleaning a mechanical keyboard

Can anyone recommend a video on how to fully break down and clean a Razer Black Widow keyboard? I’ve gummed mine up, I suspect there are screws under the rubber feet, but I can’t seem to break past the lighter cleaning videos, key popping and cleaning, I’ve tried that and I think I need to get into the guts. Worth it for a 80 buck keyboard?

I have seen instructions about putting a keyboard in the dishwasher and others about not using the dishwasher:

Though if I ever decided to use the dishwasher, I would be careful of heat on the keycaps (I would remove them) and keep in mind that I am probably voiding the warranty.

Can You Clean a Computer Keyboard in a Dishwasher?.

Here is the opposite viewpoint:

Personally I clean off gently around the keys and use canned air regularly. Then buy a new keyboard when it is time.

Kind of shocked there isn’t a thread on the forum asking about the wisdom of that stratagem

It should be obvious, but if you do put it in the dishwasher you do need to drill holes in it first so it can properly drain.

To be safe, I drill holes in both the keyboard and the dishwasher.

I can’t tell you how to break it down but for electronics cleaning isopropyl alcohol and any cloth or wipe that doesn’t leave lint or strings will clean most electronics. We’d use 70% isopropyl on outsides and 90% isopropyl on circuitry. We also had something akin to industrial q-tips with wooden stems. One end was a q-tip, the other end was a bit like a pick, allowing you to get gunk out of things. After rubbing it with alcohol, spray air further moves anything gunky out of the way.

I don’t know how to take it apart but I just cleaned a filco mechanical that had multiple sticky, non working keys

I got a compressed air machine (weaker than the cans so cans will work too). Remove cap. Then push down the switch while blowing air in there

I’ll give it a try, I have a compressor.