Breaking news! Tropico Mucho Macho ships!

Hey, that’s the game I worked on as producer! It’s been announced. Here’s what it contains:

Tropico, Tropico: Paradise Island, two hours of original, award-winning Latin music (the music from Tropico and Paradise Island, actually), 12 all-new scenarios, Prima Games’ official strategy guide in electronic format, and an exclusive behind-the-scenes video look into the making of Tropico.

Not only did I produce this game, I’m breaking the story on it because I knew about this months ago!

I would also like to thank PopTop and, of course, the Academy.

Congrats! Was it your first product in “the industry”?

That’s great, Mark! I always wondered what it was you were working on.

So, is there any other way to get those other 12 scenarios? I’ve already got Tropico and PI.

You couldn’t get me just the scenarios, could you? :-)


Kool Mee Dee, yes, my first product.

Murph, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are released at some point. The game is aimed at players who have never purchased Tropico.

fux, I just bought the original Tropico for the same price…

But most importantly, how is the water graphics?

Cynical translation: “The game is aimed at retailers who aren’t stocking Tropico anymore because it’s not new enough.” :wink:

Didn’t Tom say something about this practice in the past?