Breaking News: US to demolish Abu Ghraib

Wow. Talk about too little, too late. This should have been done in the days immediately after the war.

Bastards are trying to destroy the evidence!

Just half kidding here. I just want to echo Jason’s comment the anti-Bush fervor on this board cracks me up. :)

Hey, that’s “Camp Redemption” to you!

Also, for those keeping score, this is another Bush flip-flop.

Yeah, I caughty part of Bush’s speech, where he describes how they are addressing the problems at the prison by building a new, modern, maximum security prison. Which is fine and all, but I’m pretty sure that the crimes carried out there had little to do with a need for better facilities.

“Uhhhh Abu Greeb, uuuhhhh Abu Graaeeeb, uhhhh, Aboo Ghurbb. ahhhhhhh…” :roll:

Yeah, I caught that, too. Word to our Imperious Leader: when a big scandal hits, learn how to pronounce it before going on national television.