Breath of the Wild like Games?


Hi all,

My 9 year old loves breath of the wild - she is about to start her third playthrough. She asked me if there is anything else like it (open world RPG basically). Can anyone recomend anything on the Switch or WiiU that is kid friendly (no more intense than Breath of the Wild if you want a yard stick).

Thanks in advance.


It’s a different type of gameplay with smaller worlds to explore, but Super Mario Odyssey is more like Breath of the Wild than not. I highly recommend it.

Not as open, but just as awesome are the two Zelda games that were HD on Wii U. Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker. I would probably go with Wind Waker first. Sailing is liberating in the same way BotW is with a horse. Playing those is cool too because of all the references she may notice from BotW in those games and vice versa.


Kingdoms of Amalur might fit the bill, but it’s not available on any handhelds to my knowledge.


I think Dave’s pretty seriously overselling the similarities between Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, but I also can’t think of much that’s close, and Odyssey is a great game.


Perhaps Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles? No combat in that one, though - it’s mostly about exploration and crafting. I think a Switch port of the game just came out.


I hear you, but I have seen it accepted similarly because of the exploration it allows. And obviously, it is great.

Wind Waker is my top choice. It plays a lot more like Breath of the Wild than not. It even has a warping mechanic and small dungeons all over in a way similar to BotW. Plus, it has one of the all-time great endings in the series history IMO.


Thanks gents. I have odyssey will see if she wants to play that otherwise will give windwalker a spin.

I’ve played a few hours of amulr wouldn’t let her play that, she is super sensitive to zombies/undead stuff.


Maple Story 2 is supposed to be very open-worldly and kid-friendly, she might like that. Not on consoles though.


Decay of Logos looks promising. But it’s not out yet.


LEGO City Undercover (WiiU) is a great open-world Lego game, if you don’t mind the “Cops and Robbers” theme. There are not much direct RPG elements, but the character gains different costumes and abilities.

I know this is going to sound crazy, but, since you have a WiiU, you can try the Wii game PetZ: Dogz 2, which is a weirdly decent Zelda clone that has no business being as charming and good as it is.


It does sound crazy. And kind of awesome. I might look for that. ;)


What if I expand the platform selection to Xbox 360 and PS4?


I am sure she would love CAT QUEST! Is she familiar with puns? :)

Tell her its the purrrfect RPG. :D


Yeah Zelda is a pretty idiosyncratic piece. About the closest is probably Darksiders, but that ain’t thematically a fit