Breathedge - Sorta like Subnautica in Space but with an Immortal Chicken

So far 3 of the 5 planned chapters are now out for this, it’s nearing its 1 year early access anniversary on Steam.

Not sold yet? Watch this!

Mhhh. Nuggets.

I have it on my wish list, but I am waiting for impression from people here, and its also EA and I generally do not buy EA games.

You really shouldn’t use that abbreviation for Early Access. “EA” is a slightly tainted term.

Anyway, I agree. I generally avoid early access games as well. Only recent exception was probably RimWorld.

When I said I generally do not buy EA games, this applies to both definitions of the term.

Fair enough!

Regarding the game itself, it is fantastic and highly polished. Much like Subnautica was in early access. The chapters are being delivered in an episodic fashion, but the delivered content is fully finished.

By all means wait for the story to be finished, if you’d like. But I consider what is already delivered to be worth the price of admission. I loved replaying the first bit to play the new content, and I’ll enjoy it again next time. This isn’t like some EA situations where you were wonder if the final product is going to meet its initial promise; or for the devs to flake out and disappear.


Ok, I’m interested in this game but the preview video told me nothing about what the core gameplay is.

@jpinard This write up from last year on the first Chapter is pretty good.


Visually the game looks stunning, mostly due to its characteristic aesthetic that evokes a retro sci-fi feeling and thanks to the use of the Unreal 4 Engine.