Bret Easton Ellis is dead, Jim

Take a look at this gigantic crock o’ shit, starring WILLIAM SHATNER!:

Shatner, huh? He’s looking… different. Did he have an operation or something?


I thought maybe it was a spoof, but it looks real. Heh.

You gotta admire Shatner. He’s taken all the jokes about his being a hack and run with it. He just laughs along with everyone else and cashes the checks.

American Psycho 2: Electric Boog. . . nah

Because there were so many questions left unanswered in the first American Psycho.

He can’t be worse than the actor who played the lead in the first american psycho. actually the whole movie can’t be worse than that one. Whenever it is on cable I am forced to watch just a little, to prove to myself it wasn’t just a bad dream.


Yeah but he spent about 30 years being a total asshole about it. Nimoy is pretty much his only friend from Trek, the rest loathe him still. This is just him growing old and finally accepting his lot in life (and you do have to admire that). The weirdest thing about Shatner is his early stage reviews. Theater critics called him the next Marlon Brando.

Wait a minute, that guy became a punchline too…

And here I go enjoying American Psycho. I think Christian Bale did an admirable job playing an unsure pretty boy who puts up a front of being an egomaniac so he can fit in with his Wall Street “friends”.

It’s one of the best black comedies I’ve seen in the last several years.

But a sequel? This is most likely going to be in the vein of the straight to video Poison Ivy 2. Take a movie with real stars, make a small bit of money, have it become a cult classic, and then butcher the formula with hack actors for the sequel (that should never be made since the first movie tied all the loose ends up).

What did Shatner do to make the cast of Trek dislike him? I don’t know anything about the behind the scenes stuff other than Uhura’s brother was one of the wackos who cut off his genitals and than killed himself so the mothership could take them.

I haven’t read those “autobiographies” in a long time (I had a courier job and they were books on tape from the library - I’m not a geek dammit!). The gist is that he was one of THOSE actors you hear about…

A prima donna. He needed to be coddled. He counted his lines and compared them to everyone else. He fought for other people’s scenes and lines. He was Kirk, and he could hold the production for ransom when he wanted to. I think Nichelle Nichols lost a whole scene in Star Trek IV. Jimmy Doohan (Scotty) is by far the biggest Shatner hater. Basically Shatner stepped on people for his own gain every chance he got.
Nimoy was more popular and had a better sense of story (so he didn’t take lines to beef Spock up). He was much less insecure. Because of that he got what he wanted as well but he never really pissed anyone off. Nimoy is a gentleman still.

One cool story is how Nimoy and Shatner had a deal. They put in their contracts that neither one could be paid more than the other. Each film they’d alternate good cop/bad cop with one of them stalling negotiations and asking for more money with the other guy saying: “I’m sorry, I want to do it but I can’t do the film without ‘the other guy’”

The recent guys? With the sneakers and Hale Bop? Wow. I didn’t know that.

Cool Uhura story. She was going to quit, not enough screen time or lines, and she was at a party. Martin Luther King Jr. walked up to her and told her not to quit the show. He said it was very important that people look at the screen and see a female black officer in the future. Even if the part was small, she was Lt. Uhura. Imagine what that must have felt like.

Yeah, it was the Hale Bop guys. Her brother was one of them.

King was probably right, too. It was good to have a black officer. There weren’t many blacks on TV back then. Cosby in I Spy, that secretary in Mannix, and Julia, the nurse in that sitcom of the same name. Probably others, but I can’t think of them.

I wonder if King saw that Frank Gorshwin Trek episode with the half-white, half-black aliens? That was a silly one.

“King was probably right, too. It was good to have a black officer.”

I agree, but did you see that one Trek episode where Uhura’s brain is completely erased? I couldn’t believe it. Her brain is completely erased by a malevolent robotic space probe, and she is reduced to the mental level of a child. At the end of the episode all that happens is that Kirk shrugs it off (perhaps even with a chuckle), remarking on how they will be able to retrain her to do her job in “no time.”


So, the Uhura in all episodes and films after that one has no memory of most of her life, and has been retrained on how to be an adult by Kirk, et al. Riiiighht.

>A prima donna. He needed to be coddled. He counted his lines and compared them to everyone else. He fought for other people’s scenes and lines. He was Kirk, and he could hold the production for ransom when he wanted to

Brett “Data” Spiner and Patrick Stewart are apparently even worse.

I can see Brett Spiner acting like that. In every interview I’ve read, he comes off as a complete prima donna.

Really surprised at Patrick Stewart though. I can see him being a complete dick when he first started on Next Gen, being as he was a Shakespearian actor and probably thought he was better than Lavar “Reading Rainbow” Burton et al. But recently he has seemed down to Earth when promoting his films, doing interviews, and in his choice of fun roles.

But I am so completely unknowledgeable about Hollywood that he could gun down the cast of Lavern and Shirly and I wouldn’t know about it until half way through his trial.

“Brett “Data” Spiner and Patrick Stewart are apparently even worse.”

With any luck this will be the last Next Gen movie. I think the entire Star Trek industry should shut down for a few years – no new episodes, no re-runs, no movies, no games, no books, no comics, etc. It’ll never happen, though. Paramount will keep squeezing until all the blood is gone and the bones are pulped.

Patrick Stewart completely rewrote the last Star Trek movie to make himself the focus of it, and transformed it into a terrible movie in the process. With him and Brett Spiner arguing for increased roles, there’s very little left for the other actors.

As if to live up to everyone’s lowest expectations, they not only took control of the script of the next movie and gave themselves the most prominent roles (again), they actually [spoiler] gave themselves two characters each, to even further exaggerate that imbalance.

I agree with Mark - that’s definitely a franchise that should be left alone for a while.

“they actually [spoiler] gave themselves two characters each, to even further exaggerate that imbalance.”

oh… my… god…


I hear Wil Wheaton is pretty cool about being in Star Trek… I think. And hes a gamer! supposedly.

Here’s his website, his own words too!



Mark, I beg of you - delete the wil wheaton post. Please!!!

Do not let this site become another - we love wil wheaton site. Trust me, delete the post, otherwise others will come.

I am so amazingly sick of everyone’s fascination over wil wheaton. If Ozzie is over exposed on TV, wil is on the net. I had no idea who he was a year ago, now all I know is he is a super whiny little bitch child actor who can’t find work as an adult because he sucks - but boy do the geeks eat it up and love him for it.


It is too late, but now I know the truth. I looked at the Wil Wheaton site out of morbid curiosity (My eyes…the goggles do nothing!) and saw that Wil has a Royal Tenenbaums banner up. Qt3 was clearly subsumed by him long ago. We await his command. He has the con.