Brexit, aka, the UK Becomes a Clown Car of the Highest Order



That was part of Goves attack yesterday too. The fact that half the female MPs in Labour wrote to Corbyn complaining about attacks and misogynistic abuse from his own supporters.

Corbynism - kinder, gentler politics - unless you disagree with the cult of Corbyn, then you are subhuman and off to the gulag



Thank god its not the Removing His Boxer Shorts clip. That leaves me with a Vietnam Vet 1000 yard stare for a week every time i see it.


That might be the most British thing I’ve ever seen.


Well, we’ve found a solution to some of Stardocks legal issues with Star Control

If they want to prove prior art for the AndroSynth IP, just send a picture of Michael Gove


Michael Gove: for when you’ve had enough of experts.






So I was reading that some folks think May is going to keep trying to push her half assed “soft Brexit” plan, using the threat of No Deal as a lever and I was thinking that strategy would be just as stupid as the entire half-assed May performance thus far and I came up with the perfect name for “soft Brexit”: “Halfxit” or perhaps “Halfassexit”.


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


That could equally easily be explained by simple stupidity.


Speaking of stupidity, did you see Diane Abbots performance on Question Time last night?

Our Shadow Home Secretary, and my 3-year old nephew has a better grasp of facts and numbers than she has.

The country is in serious trouble.


There’s some really good stuff on record from Abbott when she’s working within her competency and subject matter expertise. An entire swathe of equality legislation that is rooted in her and her peers work and I admire her for that, and her obstinacy, endurance and courage in the face of the endless attacks she has received over the decades, especially those from the far right.

but London would be a smoking crater in 20 minutes if she was Home Secretary. Abbott is the Peter Principle Cubed.


I don’t really follow. What else is she going to do? It took how many months to come up with Deal A? Why should there be a more palatable Deal B ready to go in the few days she was given after the vote? I mean, if something like that existed it would have been put on the table even before the vote.

What May/advisors have realized is that there is no deal possible between the hard brexit hardliners and the EU. None. Which leads to what I’ve been saying all along; the only possible outcome of this entire shitshow is either No Deal or Remain.


She’s had weeks to come up with plan B. Adequate time isn’t the reason she hasn’t.


Some interesting polls from Sky

Question Yes No
Should we leave EU without a deal? Yes: 46% No: 54%
Should we have another referendum? Yes: 44% No: 56%
Should we delay leaving the EU? Yes: 50% No: 50%

I referred to this earlier, but that poll doesn’t mean so much if the country is too fucking thick to understand what No Deal means


One interesting fact: groups of people - like Parliament, or the public at large - can have non-transitive preferences when expressed through voting. It’s quite possible rational actors (who prefer A to B, and B to C, and therefore A to C) are as a group of voters irrational (and will prefer A to B, and B to C, but C to A!).