Brexit, aka, the UK Becomes a Clown Car of the Highest Order


May lost her vote by 149 MPs


Oof, promising a free vote tomorrow on the ‘leave with no deal’ vote.

If vote fails, will be another vote on Thursday on whether to seek an extension.

Corbyn still waffling on about a Labour Brexit deal, despite no-one wanting it - not his party, not the Tories.


The only sane option is to now leave with no deal.


That seems completely insane.


Doesn’t look like France is on board for an extension.


I’d think they’d need some kind of promise like a GE and referendum perhaps as that “clear objective”?


Your definition of “sane” and mine are very different indeed.


No-deal it is. The brexiteers will never allow a revoking of article 50. And I would be shocked to see an unanimous vote on an extension since it should be clear to everyone that such a thing won’t make a shred of difference.


I would not rule out a short extension, if only to give the UK more time to prepare for a no-deal departure.


Good grief. Maybe they don’t need that nose.


You mean the insane option that seems more likely.


The EU is already prepared for no-deal, and if it is inevitable then it is best for the EU that it occur on schedule.

Whether the UK needs more time to prepare is irrelevant to the EU. I think a short term extension solely for that purpose is unlikely to be approved.


Perhaps he meant the only “non-imaginary” option, which is what I’m thinking. Basically, unless there is dramatic change beyond my expectations, the only option that can actually realistically happen is a no-deal brexit, as insane as that is. (And I think that’s a terrible idea but it seems to me every other scenario is basically a fantasy.)


That’s how I read it but that also seems unlikely.


No deal brexit will be taken off the table tomorrow. If the government were properly doing their job the would have a referendum to either accept May’s deal or #brevoke


But, if they vote to take no deal Brexit “off the table”, does that mean anything? Saying “we will NOT do X”, without an actual Y in place, is meaningless. As it stands, no deal Brexit is the default; in order to avoid it they must actively approve a viable alternative and I don’t see that happening.


How do you take no deal Brexit off the table? It’s all fine to say “We don’t want no deal Brexit”, but something needs to be agreed, and that part is proving troublesome, and I don’t think it’ll get simpler…


You can’t revoke no deal brexit without accepting a revocation of Article 50 or asking for an extension.

The fuse was lit and it’s burning, and it has 17 days left.