Brexit, aka, the UK Becomes a Clown Car of the Highest Order


That was @#$% close.


308 out of 620 MPs were willing to go on the record as not ruling out No Deal Brexit.

Think about that for a while.

And, OK, a majority said NO to No Deal Brexit but that’s skin of the teeth territory 50.3% to 49.7%.

So, WTF does the UK do now?


308 mad c*nts sit in our Parliament.


Pray for a Viking invasion to gut Parliament?


Recent history would suggest that this means we ignore the 49.7% entirely and go super hard not-no-deal. I assume.


The problem is that without a stated alternative, it’s like voting on the weather. The UK will leave the EU with no deal on 29 March unless something, and the something hasn’t been identified. Parliament can vote against no-deal Brexit all day and every day, by any majority they want, but if they don’t agree to the current deal and don’t get an agreement to delay that date and don’t rescind article 50 , they’re out without a deal.


I guess @draxen is getting what they want. Hope they stocked up on rations.


I’m not so sure based on tonights results. It’s entirely possible that Brexit can now be frustrated by the remainers to the point of a 2nd ref.


This would now be the time for May for show her true colors as a noble stateswoman and say that with Parliament having soundly rejected deals multiple times, and with Parliament rejecting a No Deal Brexit, that she is now in favor of either revoking article 50 or holding another referendum.

(Hahahaha I’m not holding my breath. Although I suppose it could happen.)


That would be so delightful.


Truly though, help me out here friends, I am so confused. They voted not to actually do a brexit without a deal, but they have no deal, and are not likely to have one by the deadline in two weeks? What then? Do they just not do the brexit?


Yes, that’s the point. They voted against bad weather.


The votes tonight were not legally binding (just like another vote a couple of years ago I could mention…) so if nothing else happens, we exit with no deal March 29th by automatic operation of law. So to avoid it we still either need to revoke A50, ask nicely for an extension and have it agreed, or agree a deal to leave.

Essentially we’ve thrown ourselves off a cliff, and voted against hitting the ground.


Geez what a mess. Thank you folks.


Now is the time to say cunts.

That’s a great way of putting it.


That is a perfect metaphor, kudos!


Voting for No Deal is Trumpian thinking, wilfully and knowingly inflicting pain, suffering and misery on others. Genuinely evil and malicious.


The EU should grant an extension if and only if there is an agreement to hold a referendum choosing between the negotiated deal and no Brexit. No point in delaying only to face a hard Brexit after a period of uncertainty.


Even worse, it was a motion - so it’s not even binding.