Brexit, aka, the UK Becomes a Clown Car of the Highest Order

The fishes? They bite.

I have toyed with the idea, but I will likely never go through with it.

That’s because:

  • people are very hard to please at the best of times
  • I fear people will use me as a scapegoat for every little thing
  • my policies are sometimes to the right and sometimes to the left, so hard to provide a coherent, simplified, cogent platform. I strongly believe there are no simple, easy answers to the challenges we face, and the solutions are going to entail quite a bit pain for quite a while. How do you sell that when people are saying things like “just tax the rich and we will be fine.” (edit: I don’t want to digress into the merits of this, just using it as an example of something that sounds easy and simple, and yet really is neither)
  • it’s a cutthroat business (by which I mean, make a couple of mistakes and you are f*cked)
  • Getting things done at the best of times, with a small, motivated and well resourced team, takes time (now imagine dealing with problems where the definitions are fuzzy, the incentives are misaligned etc)

Zahawi’s not going to be standing again. Though I have to imagine that’s a safe seat.

Yeah, Stratford-upon-Avon is exactly the sort of place you’d imagine it to be, solid Tory seat. Labour have only come second there once since forever (although it was in 2017) Lib-Dems traditionally the runner up there.

There’s always this choice.

Undecided on the seagulls;
AI or Ceefax - don’t have an opinion;
Yes to Sunak on Ryanair, or trains and buses;
Yes to water bosses.

Lack of credibility, how?

If I hear Rachel Reeves tell me again about how she was an economist at the Bank of England I think I’ll scream.

I do wonder what they are going to do. They are so keen to avoid any mud slung at them sticking to them they aren’t prepared to say anything of substance.

Only speaking for myself, but when I say “lack of credibility” it means, lack of faith in their ability to so anything, and also a concern that they are not a real, or credible alternative.

And they did just poach a Conservative MP who seems somewhat to the Right…

Also, they used to have Dianne Abbot, who is something of a meme…(they seem to have purged her though).

Oddly enough, the only politician they have who gets my positive attention is Angela Rayner, and mostly because of how hard the Conservatives are going after her for making a profit on selling her house.

Just seems very rich coming from the Conservatives to whinge that she maybe didn’t pay the tax she should have, which she did in good faith AFAI can tell.

She seems solidly, almost to the point of caricature, normal, like fuck you normal.

Diane Abbot is currently suspended from being a Labour MP after writing to the Observer on the subject of racism…

credible alternative? When the status quo has been assiduously gnawing off the legs of the UK economy and reputation for a decade, it’s such a low bar, I’m incredulous when I read people hand-wringing about labor’s ability to govern.

Low bar indeed, but does Starmer honestly inspire you?

No, but he doesn’t need to, why do we need someone inspiring? I’d rather not have the American prediliction for charismatic (flawed) personalities winning out over competant administration.

He just needs to be a level head that makes decisions that are best for the economy and the general welfare of the citizens. Sure, I’m annoyed he’s promised nothing much, other than to not promise things he can’t deliver, but the Tories only promise more of the same ineptitude that’s been on display over a decade.

So what could Labour do for us:

  • provide a lack of incompetence like basing austerity on a formula error in a spreadsheet or taking £300bn off the value of UK stock and bond markets like Mad Lizzie Lettuce.

  • provide a lack of corruption by not throwing government money at the bloke they met down the pub and hope to get a job from.

  • hold businesses to account. Take away the ability of nationalised water companies to flood rivers with sewage and not be held to account. The same is true for the railway companies.

  • value human rights and the rule of law and not have black declared as white.

The Tories have always survived as they were the nasty party but competent. Prior to 1997 we started to see the corruption come to ther surface and it’s the same now but with added incompetence.

I’m old enough to remember the 1997 election as an adult and was Tony Blair that much of a charismatic figure. I don’t think so, but he probably just seemed it compared to Major.

Starmer doesn’t have to inspire he just has do the things above to be better than the current shower.

Japanese people are not into truthfully answering any delicate question…

So it sounds like Starmer’s main selling point is that he is not a bastard?

Lots of people in the world would be thrilled with being able to choose a leader with that description

Quite honestly couldn’t tell you, he’s a tight ship, he could be a closet asshole?

It sounds to me like you’re grasping and chafing against Labour, as if the status quo was more acceptable in some respects but you’re trying not to let it slip. If that’s the case, fine, but make plain your arguments. To be fair to labour, they’ve been out of power for 14 years, who knows how well they’ll govern, no matter how much your ideology aligns or not. But we’ve seen the status quo, that enough should be your decider.

I’m actually a strong proponent of the right to not vote. Yet I still find your line of reasoning questionable and not rational.
Unless you notably, personally and directly benefit from Tory policy/Brexit today already a non Tory government is such a fundamental improvement that I don’t see how someone could honestly convince themselves to prefer to abstain.

Labour doesn’t inspire you. Perfectly understandable and as a non Brit Starmer certainly didn’t make a positive impression on me so far.
But not (yet) being obviously corrupt and/or incompetent is still such a big step up from what you currently have (and had for a decade) that it surpasses any reasonable threshold I could justify for myself. If a voted in government with Labour, Greens or Libdem only had a 50% chance of reducing those fundamental issues your government carries that would be enough actually.
Any additional policy agreement or inspiration is a bonus on top at that point.

You want to be convinced by policy and charisma and zest. I want that too!
But if that is not available getting rid of the undeniable shitshow of blatant corruption you have right now should be enough to support -any- non crazy alternative.

I mean, you’re not picking a sex partner to surrender your virginity to, or a life mate. You’re voting for a member of parliament. You’re picking someone to take a stab at doing a better job of running the government than the current guys. Seems like a no-brainer from over here in the colonies.

UK politics always seems to copy American politics, lagged a few years and with a yakety-sax track running in the background.

IMO Starmer is a corporatist drone with little ideology who has to be almost physically coerced into adopting pro-working class policies. But the alternative to supporting this self-entitled establishment jerk is setting yourself on fire and jumping off a cliff. So what are you going to do? Vote for the Greens and throw your vote away? Come on, now. At least only vote for them if you’re somewhere where Labour is not in contention.

But if you do hold your nose and vote for Labour, then when Labour wins, you can comfortably and ethically oppose them with protests and activism and working for some other party’s little local victories. But shooting yourself and your neighbors in the head by giving indirect support to the monstrous Tories is insane.

Exactly the same arguments apply to Biden and the Democrats. Vote for them and then oppose their worst policies while they’re in office if you like, but voting against them is voting for Trump, which is likewise insane.