Brexit, aka, the UK Becomes a Clown Car of the Highest Order

The Department of Min/Maxing the country

Great Britain: Dark Souls.

It’s impressive how directly under the quote of what I said you accuse me of saying something I did not.

I didn’t accuse you of saying anything. I gave my belief about your opinion.

Since many people here have stated that opinion (in essence, no brexit referendum should ever have been held), and you have agreed with those people on many other points regarding brexit, and not disagreed on that one that I can recall, I think I am entitled to reach the conclusions that I had.

Oooo, the new PM was kind of a dish back in school.

Favorite bands: The Smiths, The Wedding Present, Orange Juice. My kind of fella.

I guess that’s why this week there’s been a Panic to Rip it up and start again - there’s no way This boy can wait to clean up the mess he’s inherited.

Interesting worldview. So, basically if a person agrees with some opinions by a person, they also apparently agree with every other thing that person says. Well, I have not, in fact agreed with that opinion. There is a difference between what I think about people’s opinions and actions, and their rights to exercise their voting privileges. Not that it matters - if you’d actually read even half of what I’ve written even in this thread, that would be pretty clear.

You are of course free to conclude whatever you like, irregardless, as does everyone.

2nd time this word has popped up in my world today.

In the sentence, should regardless have been used?

Because the ir negates the word it is attached to, so irregardless just means regardful surely?

I’ve never much though about this, but the dictionary definition does match how I tend to use it, so apparently I’m in good company:

Historically, irregardless is a malapropism (probably confused by a word like irrespective), but it has become so common that many dictionaries have simply adopted it. Language is constantly changing that way.

Apparently also friends with Gedge in college. He’d have my vote!

I see what you did there…

Irregardless is a cromulent word.

I would of thought so!


I’m still soaking it up.

I’ve seen other people saying the same thing, but Starmer looks a lot better as prime minister than he ever did in opposition. I think I underestimated him. The fact that he took out the Corbyn faction as brutally and efficiently as he did should’ve been the hint. He may not have a personality, but he’s not a joke.

It’s also really nice to hear David Lammy talk about his vision for the UK in the world, as in not just pissing everybody off and acting like a bunch of post-imperial dicks. I’m pretty sure that’s gonna get better results.

And of course Nandy burying the culture wars. Wars are never great, but I don’t know that there has ever been one quite so tedious as that.

It seems the Reform power struggle has already begun. I’m impressed, I didn’t expect a coup for at least a month.

Since the party is a corporation principally owned by Farage, there can’t be much of a struggle unless it’s one he is fomenting for the hell of it… But it seems this isn’t displacing Tice so much as Habib.

Yeah, the headline is weird, it’s Habib that’s the real news.

That never stopped any of his previous parties from being riven by factionalism.

Ha, but I read somewhere that’s what he decided he did wrong with the Brexit party, made it a legit party with conventional control rules. So with Reform he just decided to own the fucker.

Has he followed the example of Geert Wilders?
The PVV is just a 1 man party (the PVV is formally an association with 2 members, Geert Wilders and a foundation). Of the foundation Geert Wilders is the only board member. To me this should not be allowed in a democracy.

I don’t understand how a company can be a political party. I mean, obviously it is legal, but are the other political parties also ocmpanies?

That’s a good question. What kind of entity is Labour, for example? I very strongly doubt it’s a corporation, but what is it otherwise? A club? A NGO? Some technical legal thing made specifically to describe not-entirely-monstrous political parties?