Brexit, aka, the UK Shoots Itself


Welcome to life under a Tory government.


No deal preparations:


Brexit is no longer a question of whether or not you should shoot yourself in the head, but what calibre bullet you will be forced to use.

Oh, with no-deal and votes approaching the Brexiters have invented an imaginary invasion of brown people (much like Trump’s caravan, just to underline my Brexiters=Trump point to our American readers) to stoke fears of the impending hordes of raping terrorists coming to commit white genocide.

Even conservative commentators know it for anti-immigrant propaganda.



People are going to starve.


Hey at least we get a Cumberbatch dramatization of Brexit on Monday. That’s something good!


There will be adequate food of some sort.


A tale of two classes


It’s a single-celled protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins, and minerals. Everything the body needs.


It’s people…


Tastes like a bowl of snot…


I think it tastes like Tasty Wheat.


Time to bring back jellied eels. Their time has come again.


In my part of London, they never went away. There’s a place that sells them 5 minutes’ walk from my flat.


I noticed the pie shop by gamesworkshop in romford does hot eels mash and liquor, my local shops and others I know only does jellied eels

I go out my way for unagi or smoked eel when at japanese/foodie restaurants but arent a huge fan of jellied. i eat them when at the table but dont order it but curious about hot eels and mash



I’ve heard they’re quite tasty.

And to be honest, probably better for you than the mass of processed shit people call food nowadays.


I doubt most people would notice their fresh produce is harder to get.

And, not to condone brexit or anything, but Britain did manage on very little food ocne upon a time…

true, that time was one of national unity against a concrete and definable enemy at a time of war and we had a large navy to protect the convoys…

Not such a large navy now, but no-one will be sinking our convoys!


Folks in Brittain aren’t gonna starve.

Their lives will just get worse.


We “managed” with regular polio outbreaks too.

The loss of staple foods like tomatoes from supermarket shelves in 2019 doesnt fill me with fond nostalgia. What ridiculous nonsense to even think that, we’re going collectively mad. The loss of civilisation and first world status just to appease a bunch of racist vermin scum is a fucking rage inducing travesty.