Brexit, aka, the UK Shoots Itself


Anna Soubry, a former defence minister who is calling for another Brexit referendum, said that the incident was “seriously worrying”.

Yes, freedom is very worrying.


In Britain, it kind of is… They don’t have the same kind of freedom of speech laws.


Very true. The flip side of that is the right to not be slandered is much stronger than in the USA.




The same people are the ones linked up thread shouting that brown policemen aren’t British and that Soubry, Burley and Foster should be anally raped with a flag pole

but their freedom to abuse is more important than their victims right not to be abused? Fuck that. Free speech fundamentalism can fuck off back the US political cesspit.


Errr no.

Freedom to speak, like you are exercising in this post, is far more valuable than freedom to not have my feelings hurt.

Enforcing protections to protects people’s feelings is a slippery and stupid slope.

Now, were those threats legitimate --> police action.

Was she actually under threat? I’ve seen that video and as far as I can tell, not at all.

And yeah, as a politician, expect a lot of shit to be slung your way. and you know what, considering how this brexit debacle is panning out, politicians get absolutely no sympathy from me, remainer or brexiteer.

Being called a Nazi is not abuse.

Being called a nigger is, because it comes with a huge deal of verifiable history of abuse. I also think black people should flat out stop using that word too. I’m mixed race (or BAME apparently) and I would never use it.

There’s a distinction, admittedly quite a thin and fluid one.

@Ginger_Yellow your context doesn’t much help. Are you saying people chanting on the streets are de facto likely murderers, because they were calling an MP a Nazi (even though the murderer was right wing/nazi?)

Or are you saying critique of a politician means you are a likely murderer?

Clarify please because it has confused me.


It’s not the being called a Nazi. It’s the aggressive harrassment in person. And I’m not even saying anything should happen to the people doing it. Just that maybe the police should have considered doing something other than just standing there, given a climate in which an MP has already been murdered and anyone even mildly standing in the way of Brexit is routinely called an enemy of the people or worse.


Ok, that makes more sense.

Thankyou for that.

It’s a delicate situation because if they had done “something,” they’d have been called out for it.

I don’t know how feasible it would be, but maybe a police escort for MPs in the vicinity of Westminster?


Interesting article countering any arguments that it was only the Farage/Banks campaign, not the “official” Johnson/davis/Gove etc Vote Leave campaign running a racist and xenophobic campaign.


The same Brexiter mentioned above is also advocating ethnically cleansing the UK of Muslims

and an apt quote for the rest of the Brexiters

As we say in Germany, if there’s a Nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there talking to him, you have a table with 11 Nazis.


That guy is such a loser. He oozes lame and pathetic like no other. So how is it media doesn’t keep harping on the fact these alt-right types can’t make it in a real society, so they need to try and hurt others to build themselves up?


He’s funded by the US, Bannons people, American Nazis. Who do you think are paying him to stand outside Westminster every day? There’s a whole range of US right wing billionaires ready to move in and clean up after Brexit fucks us. The Kochs fund the Spiked website that dominates alt right/far right/brexiter/kipper socmedia and them and others are hovering like the vulture capitalists they are. Bannon was also behind a few attempts at dogwhistling by Johnson a few months back.

All of this facilitated knowingly by the British Brexiters.


Just to reiterate, I’m a Remainer through and through, but honestly, the Guardian is a piling steam of rubbish.

I wouldn’t put much credence in what they write.

I tend to go from Guardian to BBC to Independent/The Times, to get differing perspectives on the same thing.

By the way, the Guardian isn’t unique in having a lot of bullshit, most (ALL?) media does.

Sift through 3 sources of bullshit and you arrive at a fairly balanced conclusion.

I’m oversimplifying but it’s basically:

Guardian - loonie lefties living in lala land
BBC - somewhere in the middle
Independent - raving right rabid rong’uns


So please tell me your thought processes on why an article based on video evidence should be discounted.

I take all news this way. Bias is on top of data, read through the bias and extract the data and sources. Especially when you see the same story across the media spectrum.


The UK is a complete basket case right now, let alone post no-deal chaos where we’ll all be eating woody swedes*. A Ministry of Hunger. FFS.



Last time I looked down the street in England, I thought the country as a whole could use some severe food restriction.

World War 2 rationing for all!

That’d be one way to cut through the obesity epidemic.

Probably easier to manage than a no deal exit brexit!


You’re agreeing with me!

I didn’t say discount it entirely, I said use a tonne of salt.




no one will starve, we’ll just be eating boxes and cans of easily imported [unregulated, non-EU] processed junk, the stuff that gives you zero nutritive value but fills you right up. So in other words, all the non-obese people will become fatties like the obese people who eat cheaply and badly.

I might get a good slingshot and take out the pigeons that keep hanging out in the yard; my mom used to eat pigeon as a kid growing up in Malta, swears they’re delicious. Plenty of worms in the compost, bake them in the bread maker. I hear bamboo is edible, lots of that in the garden, keeps popping up around the neighbor’s fenceline. We’ll be fine.


That’s a significant assumption and even if they don’t starve they may well die. We have a great food safety record in the UK tied to our membership of the EU’s European Food Safety Authority.

I spent time in China and saw the massive problems that they have with Food Safety (3000 deaths and 128000 hospitalisations in 2012)

That’s with some control. It’s not a country that is saying ‘send us any old shit you can find and we won’t be inspecting it.’.

Every spiv with a can of horse meat from the second world war will be trying to get on shelves of dodgy shops. Of course being one of the metropolitan elite they won’t on the shelves of my local Waitrose.

It will be in the local shops and consumed by those that can’t afford increasing prices in supermarkets.


There’s a huge issue with US food too. I wouldn’t touch some of the stuff the FDA pass for US markets, and their production methods are highly suspect. Look at their death lettuce issues and practices around pig farming, its horrendous.