Brexit, aka, the UK Shoots Itself


I meant my line as a glib retort, not an argument, but while we’re here, is an election any more binding when proven a foreign power mucks things up? In my mind, momentum is the reason you don’t rerun these things, more than anything else.


There isn’t any mechanism for re-running a Presidential election. There is no federal authority who could call one. It’s 50 different elections run by 50 different states. In no case would all states agree to re-run it — because some of them like the result! — and the ones that did might end up with two competing slates of electors, both of whom claimed they were the genuine ones. I doubt even SCOTUS could order a new nationwide Presidential election, at least not politically, and they would almost certainly decline to do that.

Re-running a non-binding referendum is trivial. Parliament passes a law authorizing the referendum. That’s it.


Even a binding referendum can be rerun. My local school boards require passage of a referendum before they can issue bonds, and so a referendum was on the ballot every one or two years until it finally passed. And this is not unusual in the US.


Given no Parliament can bind its successor, it’s not clear what a ‘binding’ referendum would even be.

“Given we’re a parliamentary democracy, why even hold a referendum?” is a very good question, especially with one option being nebulous and ill defined.


Well, that’s kind of a separate question, but legislation for other referenda have specified what the legislative outcome of a yes vote would be, whereas the law setting up the EU referendum did not.


Yes, that’s about as ‘binding’ as anything can be for Parliament.


Ah the Hilary Clinton approach, call everyone who disagrees with you stupid or racist.

What could possibly go wrong?


But they are racists.


True, you run the risk of getting a majority of the vote.


Pity she lost in the vote that mattered.

Maybe alienating swathes of what should be her core voters by calling them names wasn’t such a great idea after all.


These people would never be her core voters.


You’re joking, right?


Aaaaaannnddd we’re off!


Does feel that way, doesn’t it?


What is this? Have I stumbled into some parallel universe where Clinton and Remain won in 2016?

Echo chambers can be such fun.


You got us man. You got us. Well done…done…done…


I believe the word you are looking for is swatches.



Haha ok, keep telling yourselves that half the population is indeed stupid or racist.

I understand it’s easier that way.


Not half. Around 40%. Given the state of education in this country, it’s to be expected, really.