Brexit, aka, the UK Shoots Itself


One further amendment.


The US President has personally sent help as Theresa May faces a no condiments vote today.



Labour, SNP and Lib Dems ask May to rule out ‘no deal’. (This is tantamount to asking her to commit to revoking Article 50 if a deal cannot be reached.)

This does not appear to have happened…


Yeah, parliament’s random yelling always reminds me of the first episode of Star Trek: TNG where Q puts humanity on trial, and he has a bunch of unruly people all around yelling.


It’s patriarchal and misogynistic, favouring loud, deep male voices, and imitating boyish, schoolyard behaviour. Theres some interesting articles from I believe Caroline Lucas and some women Labour MPs on the unpleasantness of the working environment if you aren’t an old boy private school toff.


I mean, that’s her entire leverage. Agree to my deal, or no deal. Without that, she’s got nothing to push with.


On a plus side it’s much more entertaining to watch than the US Congress. I mean, the end result is the same (nobody does anything) but at least Parliament kind of looks like it’s actively doing something.


If that’s really all she’s got, no wonder we’re in this mess!


Mike everyone up, make Hansards voice to text, and ensure every MP has to sign off on the days Hansard. Initialling a few thousand pages of “hhrhurhruhruhruhrhr” “booooooooooooo” “wufwufuwfuwfuwf” “yheyhyehyheyeh” will shut the farmyard up.


I dunno. I think, say, Bill Cash would be happy to put his name to it.


Amen to that Sir.

Did you see the last 2 speeches before the vote that are getting lots of attention in the media today, by Tom Watson and Michael Gove? They were excellent.

Watson spent about 10 minutes tearing Theresa May to shreds, then Gove took over and tore Corbyn a new a-hole.

May looked like she was about to burst into tears. Corbyn looked like he was about to shit himself.

I found myself agreeing with nearly every word Watson and Gove said.

Our main political parties are now led by useless, unintelligent extremist nutjobs. Yuck.


Hey cheer up fellow brits! Sure…things are a bit of a car crash, but at least we have a government that is paying public sector workers regularly so they can…you know…buy food.
Very nice of the USA to make us look good, even when we are REALLY fucking shit up :D


I’m going to ask you to repeat the “buy food” thing in June.

edit: possibly by lettter. Or smoke signal. We ate all the carrier pigeons.


Isn’t it ironic then that the old Etonian party is the one that gave us 2 female prime ministers.

Whereas the so-called ‘progressive’ party has never even had a female leader, and is currently dominated by white male trade union thugs.


I’m one of the 4.5%, the Kendall Free Brigades.


Oh, and outside of Westminster.

Yay! Unemployment! Just as the bus said! and as with every story about a business closing down due to Brexit, of course, they are based in a Leave voting area. The muppets.


Or, in the words of the Corbyn cultists, ‘Blairite Red Tory scum’


Gove is one of the brexiteer (censored).


Yeah, I normally can’t stand Gove.

He has a weird uncanny valley / failed android experiment thing going on. Like he could malfunction at any moment. Think Androsynth from Star Control.

But his speech yesterday was brutal. As was Tom Watsons.


It’s a very narrow strip of Eustonites and other obscure centrist collectives that i could be found in when more active.

On a good day

On a not so good day it veered towards “Zionist” or “Israeli sockpuppet” or “hired by Zionists” or “IDF”

On a bad day it was “native informant” or “Uncle Tom” or “House Muslim”