Brexit, aka, the UK Shoots Itself


You might have had a point, but by linking to a twitter poll you render yourself automatically wrong.


As per my link


And in continuing coverage of “There’s a gnats dick of difference between Brexiters and the Trumpalos” news, here’s Boris Johnson warning us about the Deep State

And who would be part of a deep state? How about the Foreign Secretary and de facto head of MI6? Any evidence of it when you held that position Johnson?


One would hope that a poll taken after that point would explain its terms… Hope…


The big moves are going public now. Not just companies, entire markets are fleeing. The knock on effects from these will be felt for generations. Imagine hating brown people so much you want to fuck over your unborn great grandchildren.


You know, you keep saying “brown people” and I don’t doubt certain brexiteers lump together all foreigners as this large undesirable mass, but closing out the EU limits immigration to Poles and germans etc…

If one hates brown people, this is not how to avoid them.

Then again, the brexiteers did bring up Turkey…


Because not only they are racist they are stupid.

Have a look at the stories from right after Brexit of the number of British Asians being told to ‘go home’…always puts me in mind of Lenny Henry talking wondering why he was being asked to go back to Dudley.

Wait unti the UK does a trade deal with India. That will surprise them…


Yup, Johnson comments on Turkey are on the record. The day after the Ref Brexiters were walking up to Pakistanis and asking them why they hadn’t “gone home yet”

#PostRefRacism was a hashtag that covered it at the time.



Yeah, this has always struck me as one of the more ludicrous aspects of Brexit.

One of the arguments for Brexit I heard was that the UK should just go back to the Commonwealth, and use its leverage there to build better trade deals. Never mind that not all parts of the Commonwealth are going to be equally welcoming (especially since UK basically abandoned the old Commonwealth agreements when joining the EU, making work immigration from the CW to the UK much, much harder), what do Brexiteers really think African and Asian nations are going to ask for in return for closer trade relations with the UK…?


I’m a bit clearer on what’s going on now:

This all seems unprecedented and difficult. I have very low hopes. I expect either no-deal chaos, or (maybe) the fear of that bringing enough MPs on board to pass May’s bill. But we are running rapidly out of time even to pass the legislation to leave in a smooth manner even with May’s deal, so who knows? The latter will still need an extension, and nothing looks likely right now. What a mess.



He’s a Saudi shill, so I’d have had him hung at The Tower for that, let alone this. Easily one of the most despicable politicians in Westminster

Edit: also


"Around 10,000 travellers who had booked with Brittany Ferries between 29 March and mid-May have been told their original sailings have been cancelled and that they have been rebooked on different departures.

Affected passengers were told by email that their original sailing had been cancelled “by the government’s initiatives to create additional ferry capacity for the transportation of critical goods (such as medicines) across the Channel”.



Too good to not share:


Anything not nailed down is being relocated.

James Dyson, Brexit evangelist and celeb Brit industrialist was often quoted in the campaign and since by the Denialists.


P&O has been foreign (non-EU) owned for a while, to be fair.


I was mostly amused by the boat names.


They’ll have to rename them with Culture ship names. I suggest Dramatic Exit, Bad For Business and, of course, A Momentary Lapse Of Sanity.


British Airways will be unaffected because it is already owned by a Spanish company.

The whole makes me want to cry.

Or escape into a game…

At the Gates came out today!