Brexit, aka, the UK Shoots Itself


Is there such thing as a “good faith fallacy”? I.e. where you mistakenly assume your opponents are acting in good faith?


I’m not so sure about that. Between the judicial appointments and the damage done to the environment, not to mention an entire political party that now openly lies and thinks nothing of it, the damage trump has done will likely ripple through decades.


We’re not sure yet who will win the 2020 election, either. Even if it’s not Trump himself, he’s lowered the standard for everyone who comes after him. His policies, judicial appointments, and across the board deregulation mean it will just become that much easier for the GOP to screw us over in the future.


The Labour party is essentially anti-Brexit but has a pro-Brexit leader. This means there’s a great lack of drive to campaign for anything that might lead to no Brexit.


Be clear its most of his front bench, his entire office/advisory functions and every ally and comrade he’s had in 35 years. Not just Corbyn. The sabotage, the confuscating positions, the contradicting press conferences don’t come from this dimwit alone. His team are far more dangerous (because that’s where all the smart cookies sit) This is an institutionalised resistance to Remain coming from the governance and leadership functions of Labour.


I could live with this.


That’s the captain. The queen takes refuge in France, preferably somewhere nice like Nice.



Man was Blackadder the bomb. Is it on any of the streaming services? I do see that some (all?) of the classic Python oeuvre is on Netflix in the US.


Apparently Prime, Hulu and Britbox have it.


So, agree to a deal that no one wants and then have a people’s vote (aka a referendum? ) on that deal, a simple. Yes. Or no?

Or a range of deals.

What could possibly go wrong?


Nigel Farage is claiming tons of people are signing up for the Brexit party and posting the numbers as proof as to how popular they are. What he doesn’t realize is…



Still, he may be right in calling the withdrawal agreement the

worst deal in history


Well outside of things imposed after you lose a war.


Well this is going well.



Imagine if Detroit voted to destroy their car industry?

These cities did.


Joke’s on you, sucker! We make sure to suppress the votes of, ahem, city-dwellers and other undesirables over here.


So Ford would move stuff, Dyson the Brexiter is moving stuff, banks are moving stuff. Who else is moving stuff out of Britain?



Those who can and who value access to the EU market.

Britain was well positioned to act as a bridge - good relations with other people, good physical location, good transport, business friendly regimen, English speaking…

To throw it all away…:S

Come Brexit day itself, nothing will change immediately, but the effects will be felt down the road.

Smaller economy, people will adapt etc.

And never under estimate peoples’ capacity for self delusion.

Any thing you could quite directly pin on Brexit WILL be decried as being the result of a “bad” Brexit, i.e. that engineered by the Remoaner traitors and a betrayal of the people.