Brexit, aka, the UK Shoots Itself


Dunt nails it. To our shame.



When should we start expecting deportations?


And clinics aiming to breed the British Master Race?


And now Fox is saying that EU workers are to be used as a bargaining chip. These are my friends and coworkers whose lives you’re playing with you arsehole.


I don’t buy this is a bargaining chip.This development makes it very hard for the EU to agree to anything, it pushes way too hard.

Plus, let me tell you, it makes a very poor job at keeping the public opinion within the EU minimally pro-British at all. I have friends in the UK, both British and not British. I was favorable predisposed for a soft Brexit not-really Brexit (exit the EU but keep access to trade and maintain movement of labor). Now? Honestly, today (after reading the newspapers) I would favor a very hard negotiation from the EU. No concessions at all, and maybe even extra tariffs until the costs to the EU from Brexit are paid back.

I think it’s just ignorance, pandering, fear mongering and stupidity, not tactical thinking at all.


I believe the bargaining chip is only in relation to the fact that since the EU will start negotiations only when article 50 is triggered, that the status of UK nationals working in the EU aren’t officially guaranteed until then. So I believe the UK government position is that they won’t guarantee EU nationals in the UK until the EU does the same, and the EU won’t make that guarantee until article 50 is triggered.

The way the Tories say it is very nasty and I guess designed to play to petty nationalism and the UKIP crowd. They should really just follow the EU and say that they won’t guarantee anything prior to negotiations, but if the Tory leadership didn’t keep pandering to their hard right for short term gain at the expense of long term strategy none of this would’ve happened in the first place!

You’re right it makes a bad impression to the rest of Europe, but at this point, devoid of an effective opposition, Brexit has effectively become a negotiation between two wings of the Conservative Party. They’re not really talking to the rest of the UK, let alone Europe!


In a normal, sane world it would only be a couple of years after Brexit and its consequent economic downturn (if not crash) before the Tories are thrown out of office. But I’m afraid that in a world in which a majority could vote for Brexit in the first place that they will find some means to sleaze their way forward regardless of sense and sanity. And if they are deposed it may be in favor of some even more insane national front.


Looks like we can’t embed Facebook videos, but, yeah. This proposal is straight out of chapter 2 of Mein Kampf.


Came across this on my Twitter feed. Good times, good times.

The rally in Cardiff was peaceful. But how different in Swansea’s Plaza Cinema that summer when Mosley took written questions from the audience. The crucial one was, “I work for a Jew. Should I change my employer?” Mosley replied: “I am disgusted that anyone should work for a Jew. You should be certain to find a more reliable gentile.”

Up stood the questioner – to reveal his dog collar. The Rev Leon Atkins’ “employer” was Jesus Christ. At that the huge audience erupted, attacking the Blackshirts as Mosley was rushed away shouting “Blasphemy.” The 19-year-old Dylan Thomas wrote to Pamela Hansford Johnson telling her “I was there and was thrown down the stairs,” adding, “No harm done, however.”


Holy crap. Very effective.


Ah the good old days, when the left fought anti-Semitism.

and whilst we are on the subject of anti-Semitism, Corbyns response to days of poisonous filth from the CPC was a short paragraph condemning it and a walking holiday in Northumbria.

Brexit and Conservatives at their nastiest: Missing in action.
Leadership Challenge: 115 rallies and events


I literally thought that was the statement from Brexit camp it was so chillingly close. My God, what has happened to this world. The terrorists are winning when people turn on their neighbors.


The shaming companies is fascist, yeah, but the government knowing how many foreigners a company has can be “normal”, through work visas, etc.

The issue in this is that going from “foreigner but not that foreigner” AKA, actual EU nationals situation to “foreigner, and we do mean foreigner, you dirty foreigner you” is not at all a good look.


And now they seem to be backing off from a hard Brexit rethoric. I guess the last week economic data and pound depreciation scared them off.

It does seem like nobody has a plan yet.


Brexit appears to be linked to a shortage of Marmite on UK store shelves.


This is why I moved to New England, where just today I bought this…

Imagine the salty goodness and weep, Brexiters.


With this news, I may finally remember which country has Marmite and which has Vegamite.


It’s sad that this is more noticeable in the news that the debacle of the pound, which has become one of the worst performing currencies this year, only above some collapsing economies’ currencies.

We are talking about a 20% loss in a year, which is insane and will sadly hurt people once it starts affecting prices.


Pound tanking, meh, graph goes down, graph goes up, you can’t explain it. Marmite shortage? That’s third world, “we look like Venezuela’s supermarkets” shit, of course it’s going to make people notice. Much more immediate, no need for experts to explain that graph has real world consequences, not having marmite to put in your bread is real (assuming that’s what you do with marmite, never had the stuff).