Brexit, aka, the UK Shoots Itself


Which explains why the vote went the way it went.

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    \ listening to experts!  /



Spit the mouse out, man!


Thanks for that. Here I was thinking to myself, “Hang on, isn’t marmite totally nasty?”


According to the Economist on Wednesday, 6% of Leavers now regret their vote, vs. only 1% of Remain. Meaning it the referendum were held again, Leave would now lose.

And this is data from before the impact of the Marmite Crisis.


Marmite and vegemite are basically the same.

As for nasty… well, Marmite’s slogan is “Love it or hate it”. Pass!


My love for Marmite totally disagrees with you there!


I’ve never had either of those but when I was a kid I remember occasionally eating bovril with our congee (rice porridge). Now I’m curious! Heading out to see if I can find either of the two -mites at a local grocer.


Hey, can you pick me up a Batmite while you’re out?


Bovril’s closer to Marmite than Vegemite, for sure. Marmite’s salty and beefy, without the beef. Yeast extract is used in a lot of beef flavour crisps.


Marmite is pretty distinct from Bovril and Vegemite I think.

If anyone finds any when shopping and wants to try for the first time then all i can say when it says “spread thinly” it really means thinly.

The contempt May shows the world and her country by placing the 3 clowns Johnson, Fox and Davis in charge of Brexit is amazing, its like she wants to see it all burn.


I expect that at one time she had the fond idea they could be sacrificed in her stead and then she could swoop in and rescue the nation. But that fantasy probably lasted all of a week or so after the vote. I reckon she knows she and her party are doomed now, even with Labour tearing itself apart.


I only ever experienced vegemite. And because I thought it was applebutter and applied a generous amount of it to my sandwich, that experience only lasted for one bite…

Anyway, back to the Brexit!


I’m going to just leave this here:


Only marginally worse than a first-world country who hasn’t made any major political blunders recently. So it can’t be that bad!


A 2% chance can make you zillions of dollars on forex if you can predict it…


The high court has ruled that Brexit requires parliamentary approval:

The government is appealing the verdict.

Hopefully this will at least let MPs force policy towards a saner exit strategy than the “hard Brexit” rhetoric that has been prevalent - stopping Brexit entirely seems unlikely though.


I’ve been enjoying the tears from the Quitlers today.

At least this allows some scrutiny of the imbeciles running the Brexit departments. Democracy in action.


The judgment (pdf), delivered by the lord chief justice, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd

Get out of here. That is almost straight out of Cryptonomicon.