Brexit, aka, the UK Shoots Itself


So, in this week’s Brexit planning chaos, on Sunday the (Remainer) chancellor and the (hard Brexiter) trade secretary put out a joint statement saying the UK would be outside the customs union come March 2019. Today, apparently:


This reminds me a lot of a relationship I had back in college.

I decided I wanted to break up with this girl because although she was really great and good for me in almost every way, she had all these crappy “rules” about keeping my dorm room clean, and washing my socks every week so I smelled better, and where I could or could not puff on those crappy cigars that were all I could afford at the time.

So I told her I wanted to break up, because I figured I could do better. During the break-up negotiations, I suggested that I retain access to her vagina during the time between when we stopped dating and the point at which I found a new girlfriend.

She demurred, but it might be because my negotiation skills were a little lacking. Perhaps the Brits can do better.


Meanwhile, the Telegraph leads with:

Britain threatens to impose VAT and customs duties on EU imports if there is no Brexit deal


Do these idiots not think that the EU won’t do the same to British goods coming to the continent? Methinks UK businesses and industries need the EU more than the EU’s needs the UK.


It’s not much of a threat. It’s just what would happen by virtue of not being in a trade agreement. The EU is perfectly aware of this, and would of course be imposing VAT and customs duties on UK imports just as it does for other third countries…


Bet you a dollar it was the Russians.


Oh, we already know that


You think if they show enough Russian interference they might hold another vote?


Nope. Brexiters will remain Brexiters until they die.


I think Yanis Varoufakis is one of the smartest men in Europe RE: economic politics.
Here’s a soundbite of a recent interview discussing Brexit Negotiations.


I have always found it strange that people take for granted that the EU will act in its economic above its political interests (which, frankly, dovetail into its long term economic interests - so it’s not entirely economically illiterate, either).

But I find it especially strange when those same people have just engaged in a process that will cripple Britain’s economic prospects purely for political reasons.


Who takes it for granted that the EU will act like homo economicus? I think only very optimistic Brexiteers, or people completely unaware of how past EU issues got resolved.


There is another sort?


No, they want to cripple us to keep all the “wogs and pakis” out. They are prepared to fucking starve in order to never see another dark face. This is what this is and was always about, they are a bunch of racists.


And others believed some patriotic nonsense about ‘sovereignty’ stirred up by the medias.

But that’s kinda what I meant by ‘political’.


Are we talking about the EU or the UK government?


Yes, exactly.


After the referendum I got sick of arguing wih people on Facebook, so I quit Facebook.

I also moved countries and began a new life.

So I’m weirdly thankful for the referendum turning out against what I wanted, while I watch in exasperation as the drama unfolds.

Now I need to find some willingredients ish woman and marry her to fast track nationality.

Or a man. That’s totally normal here.


Davis just told the select committee that parliament may not get to vote on the deal until after March 2019. Perhaps MPs will now realise how much of a joke that vote is. If you wanted a say on the final deal, the time was before the article 50 vote.


But Tory MPs don’t care, because they can use any old vote as a leadership conflict vehicle, and that’s really what Brexit was for their party. If they cared they wouldn’t have supported Brexit in the first place. It’s so plainly imbecilic and destructive, that every last pol who supports it, Conservative or Labour, is clearly saying “I don’t care about the country or the common good, I only care about political power.”

And not to favor the Lib Dem remainers, too much, either, because I’m pretty sure if Labour had come out strongly pro-Europe, they’d switch to the other side without a second thought just to distinguish themselves.