Brian Boru Forum Game: The king is not dead

true, could be. Start player is actual a slight disadvantage… anyway, claim your town in any region. And Dave, too. Then we can start

colors were assigned by me… no crying!

edit: @Dave_Perkins changed your color from yellow to orange, it is better readable on the board.

I’ll wait for Dave. Oh, the claim tokens for the regions. The ones that show the thresholds and point values.

This is also visible on the map… in my first post. I will add them to the map later at home. They help to see where the threshold is active

Oh riiiight. I didn’t see that. Thanks! I know where my first play is assuming Dave doesn’t steal it.

12 vikings and beautiful Brigid for 4 VP on offer. Beautiful Ireland ready to be taken…

@Dave_Perkins place your starting town. please. Here is your drafting hand of 8 cards

Matt_W cards

7 20 5 6 23 3 16 2

Dave Perkins cards

9 11 19 25 18 24 17 22 15


1 12 4 14 10 13 8 21

I’ll start with either blue city in Connaught!

And I’ll start with the blue city on the east side of Leinster.

Here’s my draft:

Passed to @Dave_Perkins

07, 05, 06, 16, 2, 23


Remaining facedown hand (2)

3, 20

How do you do special pointy spoilers?

never mind

got it

I think you both need to do your first round draft picks now, right?

Yea but I don’t want to have to look at a card chart so I’m waiting until I get home.

Apologies, too busy today to deal myself cards etc. Soon!

starting towns selected, drafting begins!

@Matt_W here are your cards.

newbrof to Matt

1 4 10 13 14 21

newbrof hand

8 12

Do you guys both know that when you keep two cards during the draft, you can’t later pass either of them?


passing these 7 cards to newbrof

9 11 19 25 18 24 15

Dave hand of 2 cards

17 22


passing these 4 cards to newbrof

2 6 7 23

Dave hand of 4 cards

5 16 17 22

Hmm, I was dealt 9 cards to start with, so I passed 7 cards, but @Matt_W passed me 6 cards. Is that weird?

You should have only had 8 cards. One of the cards isn’t dealt out in a 3 or 4 player game. I’d say pick one at random to discard.

Matt’s 2nd round draft:

Passed to Dave (4)

10, 04, 14, 13


Facedown in Matt's hand (4)

20, 3, 1, 21

corrrect, my mistake. I will kill one card from the 7 by random


Second draft to Matt 4 cards

11 19 18 24

newbrof hand 4 cards

8 12 15 25