Brian Boru Forum Game: The king is not dead

yes, you draft them and put the cards facedown.


passing these 2 cards to newbrof

4 13

Dave hand of 6 cards

5 10 14 16 17 22

3rd round draft

Passed to Dave (2)

11, 24


Facedown in Matt's hand (6)

20, 3, 1, 21,18, 19

Matt's final hand (8)

20, 3, 1, 21, 18, 19, 2, 7

And I’m first. I’ll put the ring on the blue city in the north of Leinster and play card number 3

Matt's hand now (7)

20, 1, 21, 18, 19, 2, 7

newbrof final hand 8 cards

4 6 8 12 13 15 23 25

@Dave_Perkins How do you want to answer Matts provocation of playing a blue 3

We are fighting for a nice town with 2 roads…

remember all, only 7 cards will be played. The 8th card will be discarded in a 3 player game.

How can a new forum member join the game?...?

too late, sorry. We just drafted our cards and played our first turn… another time.

Dave’s hand

5 11 24 10 14 17 16 22

I’ll play the blue 16!





@Dave_Perkins wins the battle at Two-Roads-Town. I played the Brian Boru card, the only card that allows you to get rid of vikings after they captured a town, if you have the gold.

The cards get resolved from lowest to highest
@Matt_W first, then me, then Dave

newbrof hand(7)

4 6 8 12 13 15 23 25

I’ll gain 3 coins, then pay 5 to put a town on the yellow spot here:


Should leave me with a net 1 coin.

I believe that the new town must be connected to a town you already control.

I think it just has to be on the same road and no opponent pieces in between. Let me check…

No you’re right:

You may only expand into a town that is connected by a road to a town you already control, with no other towns in between (whether controlled or not).

OK, put my new town in the yellow space directly south of my current town.

I do the same and expand to Ulaid, take 2 coins and pay 5 coins.

Matt: 1, 1, 0, 10 (Coins, Renown, Helmets, Victory Points)
Dave: 3, 1, 0, 10
newbrof: 0, 1, 0, 10

@Dave_Perkins you decide our next battle.

I actually think this rule would be amazing. I’d like to try it out sometime!

Play my 10, yellow town just north of the blue controlled town in Northern Ui Neill @newbrof

Dave plays


Do you guys think it’s okay that I brought an envelope with my current cards in it to work? Or is that too nerd.

Lol, if you’re a nerd I’m a nerd. I have definitely packed a rulebook and set of cards in my work bag a time or two:)