Brian Boru Forum Game: The king is not dead

Well, one Viking has three arrows in him, anyhow.

Sorry, omg busy morning at work:

I’ll play number 1

And put the ring in Munster here

Matt's hand (4)

21, 18, 2, 7

looks like you really, really want to lose this battle … yellow 1 pfff

Is it my turn?

yes, go get him with his yellow 1


we are fighting here, Matt played a yellow 1. Your move.


hope you and your family are fine and not affected by Ian!

We are unaffected!

I’ll play the 10 @newbrof

Dave finally got him:

I play:

@Matt_W Do you take the money? (you can’t climb the marriage track without money to skip past occupied spaces)

I take 3 money


4 8 12 25

@Dave_Perkins You take the town and 2 money. Amazing, they pay you to take the town.

@Dave_Perkins Where do you want to fight next? I can send a board update later.

I’ll take the money

with the money of this round, it looks like this:

Matt: 3, 1, 0, 10 (Coins, Renown, Helmets, Victory Points)
Dave: 5, 1, 3, 10
newbrof: 3, 1, 3, 10

@Dave_Perkins you’re up. Where do you put the ring of power?

Play the 11 on the red city in northwestern Connaught!

Dave's hand (4 cards)

5, 14, 17, 22

Dave plays
on a lonely red city.

@Dave_Perkins, you should only have 3 cards now.

that’s sad. Dave played his yellow 10 twice.
He played so far 16 10 24 10 11

how do we repair this @Dave_Perkins @Matt_W
I suggest discard one random card from the hand and forget about it or maybe discard a different yellow.

How about replace my last yellow 10 with my yellow 14, and take $2 from me.

that’s a good solution… let’s do this.

your card played are:
16 10 24 14 11

Matt: 3, 1, 0, 10 (Coins, Renown, Helmets, Victory Points)
Dave: 3, 1, 3, 10
newbrof: 3, 1, 3, 10

I play highest card in the game



4 8 12

@Matt_W your turn.

Good resolution of the conflict guys! I would’ve been fine with the discard-random-card solution if a more elegant one wasn’t available.

I’ll play 7


Dave wins the hand. I’m lowest card, so I’ll choose to gain the two letters and pay 2 coins to leapfrog to the front of the line.

Matt's hand (3)

21, 18, 2

@Matt_W sorry to disappoint you in your attempt in debauchery, but Brigid demands 4 coins to skip 2 steps.

with your letters you are on top of Dave. With 2 coins you move one step and are on top of me. Another 2 coins would move you ahead of me.

I donate 3 crosses to the church.

Ah, I didn’t see the spot at the bottom of the track with no reward next to it.

I supposed instead of the marriage track, I’ll take two coins no town.

two more rounds to go, last card will not be played.

Matt: 5, 1, 0, 10 (Coins, Renown, Helmets, Victory Points)
Dave: 5, 1, 3, 10
newbrof: 3, 1, 3, 10

@Dave_Perkins you won a dirty, old town. Where next?