Brian Fargo is returning to the Wasteland for a third time

No, not at all.

The most unappealing thing about the trailer was the song (Land of Confusion for all you other millenials who can’t tell the difference between Hall & Oates and Genesis).
I hope you get the opportunity to kill Phil Collins in the game.

I didn’t get much further than the first city but the farm crop research facility mission was pretty cool.
10 different weapon skills was too much for me and I suspect I’m more into skill checks than companions so Disco Elysium might be my next RPG to start.

Wasteland 2 felt too much like a theme park with a series of multiple exhibits. I wasn’t “wowed” by how they handled the setting or overall theme. Meh.


I enjoyed Underrail, Dead State, etc. a lot more.

Backers just got access to the beta today on Steam. I haven’t played it yet but I did watch someone play it on Youtube. It looks really good and the plot seems pretty interesting - I suspect some betrayal and backstabbing along the way. The graphics look very good and the game has a lot of the more recent tactical game enhancements - showing percentage to hit for all possible targets from any position, looks like it has a Phoenix Point aiming mechanic (though it looks like it was perhaps based upon a perk selection?) and looting and inventory seemed simplified also - one universal inventory for all squad mates and looting one corpse loots them all. My favorite new perks is “Sneaky Shit” - evading traps/detection and sneak attacks :)

I got the beta key/key to the full game in my email as well. Huh.

Why would I kickstart Wasteland 3 when I haven’t played the first two? I guess I’ll have to go through this thread to find out.

Oh yeah. That’s how they got me to back a game I’ll probably never get to. Plus I think Brian Fargo makes good appeal videos.

I got the key also, but plan to hold off until it’s actually released. No desire to play a buggy version.

Well, first off, this is more of a demo, it’s only the first 2 to 3 hours of the game, you can’t play the entire game. Secondly, having played it, I haven’t found any bugs nor has the game crashed on me. It seems to work pretty well. That said, I don’t have every skill/perk on my team members so perhaps some of those aren’t working but overall, what I have seen looks pretty polished.

Does anyone know where the Wasteland 2 thread is at? Search is failing. All I’m getting is news articles and no real threads with any meat on them.

I’m playing it and was hoping to read through the thread for some tips.

I don’t think there was a separate thread about the game itself, just the kickstarter one.

This ain’t neoGAF, we play it fast and loose here homies! You’re lucky if the thread has the game’s name in its title.

Looks like the impressions of the released game start with this post by stusser. Before that it’s just people anticipating the game. But everything after that is like you’d find in a release thread.

Yeah. It was downright shocking how oldschool CRPG WL2 was. It really felt like they took WL1 and just updated it to be modern. Curious to see if they made any gameplay and QoL changes in WL3.

Awesome. Thanks. I assumed that thread was for the Wasteland remaster.

Well, It is…

Yes, they have. Universal inventory instead of inventory tetris, pick up items from one corpse, you can pick them all up there - no more corpse hunting, movement shows all potential targets, skill checks are all or nothing, no more save scumming and trying again and again. Probably others but those are some of the obvious ones I saw in the demo.

Good stuff, the save scumming was probably my biggest problem with WL2. That’s one old-school CRPG bit that didn’t deserve preservation.

Not a surprise but its been delayed till August.

Why is this game sitting in Gamepass right now? It is downloadable, but doesn’t release until Aug 27. Is that a demo that’s available, or just a very early pre-load?

Also, it says “offers in-app purchases.” That doesn’t bode well.

They do that with all the Microsoft games for some reason, they add them to GamePass way too early and ask you to get it so that it’s ready for you on the day it releases. It’s a small placeholder download that’s replaced with the actual game when it releases.