Brian Fargo is returning to the Wasteland for a third time

There’s trailers a few posts above. New story and areas. Looks good.

Wanted to give some love to Wasteland 3 - probably the best soundtrack in any RPG I can remember. On top of, with the patches, a fantastic RPG experience.

Steeltown was a solid xpac, nothing amazing but still a good 8+ hour value and hopefully Holy Detonation is the same. Looking forward to what they do next.

Yeah, the music is really good. I believe they said on Twitter that they had to do a lot of work to get some music rights but it was definitely worth it.

This is on sale in the Humble store for 20 smackeroos. Thoughts on that value?

Excellent game, well worth that and more IMO.


I loved it (so far, I got distracted). It’s the best Classic Fallout game I’ve played since Fallout 2.

Wonderful to hear! Will have emboughtened forthwith!

Thank you. :)

Its amazing, a frankly a true Fallout sequel. Can confirm both DLC’s are worth the money as well.

So as someone who played the second game but was pretty done with it by the time I reached the game’s conclusion, would it be fair to say that the third game is better than the second?

My impression now, after having been away from WL3 (after two plays) for a bit, is that WL3 is a tighter narrative than WL2, more streamlined, with some interesting choices & consequences, and enjoyable combat. Well worth a play, even if you only go through once. I didn’t have an interest in returning after those two plays, neither of which involved the DLC, though, as I felt there wouldn’t be enough of a variety to keep me entertained yet again. WL2 was much the same in that regard; I played 70+ hours in my first run before getting sidetracked, then restarted with the Director’s Cut and finished that in 76 hours.

My take, is that you’ll probably end up enjoying it in much the same way as WL2 but that there are enhancements that may have you come out of it feeling more positive.

Yeah, it does give me that Fallout vibe.

This is what I said on Steam:

"I think WL3 is much superior all the way around. Graphics, music, gameplay are all great. WL2 weapons were very unbalanced - in the end, assault rifles were really the only way to go, hence the effective builds were very limited. This was a constant complaint among those that played the game. In my experience WL3 all of the weapons have their place, and there are many more interesting and viable builds.

Related to that, many of the NPC’s you could recruit were just terrible as they had very bad initial stats that you couldn’t do much about. The WL3 recruits are much more balanced and useful.

WL3 is shorter, but it is a much tighter and better developed story. But it is not short. IMO, WL2 while longer, is just too drawn out, and sort of wears out its welcome before the end. Longer isn’t necessarily better.

From an RPG standpoint, in WL3 you also have many more choices to make, especially regarding the various characters you meet. And there are a number of different ending depending your choices and decisions, and the fate of AZ and CO can be quite different. The idea that the game has been “dumbed down” just isn’t correct.

WL3 is the superior game in almost every way."

Extremely helpful writeup. I never finished 2 but played the first half a few times and really enjoyed it. There’s an exhaustion that comes with games like these because, by nature, hoovering over maps, absorbing their activities, engaging in interesting tactical combat, ruminating over build choices and etc, is methodical, slow-paced. Add on to that repetitive, finicky clicking, poor inventory systems, slow movement across maps and etc etc etc…

On a different note, can anyone recommend a guide (person or text) for character builds?

The Steam guide is pretty good, because it has been kept up to date with the many balancing changes made since the game was released.

Is the third game fairly standalone or a sequel to the 2nd? I kickstarted #2, but – as is my way – never got around to playing it.

It’s a followup to Wasteland 2, with some connections to the plot of that game. But it’s set in a different part of the world, and you don’t need to have played Wasteland 2 to play Wasteland 3: the game covers everything you need to know.

(Wasteland 3 is better than 2, in my opinion; I only got about 25% of the way through 2, but played all of 3.)

I started a co-op campaign on the Xbox with a friend and the game doesn’t explain a single thing about how to play. We’re sorting it out but even basic things like how attributes unlock perks but don’t actually give you perks are super confusing.

It’s relatively straightforward (check the skills and see which attributes they benefit from), although I would like to point out that the first two AI companions are really good (especially Kwon, who is a monster with SMGs) and you can easily keep them all the way until the end, which is what I did. Look up their skills and try not to have overlap on them with your own squad (weapon skills are ok to double down). Having a dedicated leader character is also pretty great - and a bonus tip, some of the skills see a lot more use than the others - I made a mistake of putting both hacking and lockpicking on my sniper and she was consistently one level ahead of everyone else in the squad, except for my leadership character.

In the end you’ll have so many spare attributes and skills that you’ll easily get even the QoL stuff. I think the only skill I didn’t pick up was animal whisperer, and I could’ve easily done that as well if I wanted to. Most of my characters have 3 mechanics for the extra 20% dmg to robots (with the perk) on top of all of their essential skills - after the QoL stuff like bartering, armor modding, etc.

Great advice, though I would only add I take 2 animal whisperer on all my characters so I can have my party full of pets that join the attack. You can also dismiss pets to go back to base, to gather new ones, so I had plenty in reserve for when combat was tough and wiped out my dogs/cats or robo chickens

Also, I was surprised how effective bunnies were in combat, for a 1 animal whisperer requirement, they were deadly! I couldn’t help but think of Monthy Pythons Holy Grail when they attacked! 😂