Brian Fargo is returning to the Wasteland for a third time

Crowd funding doesn’t mean short. WL2 was crowd funded and way too long.

It means limited funds and relative brevity. Pillars of Eternity, for example, was pitched as being a successor to the Baldur’s Gate games but it’s a much smaller game than the second one and I think probably a fair bit shorter than the first as well (though I don’t remember that one as well). You’re right that it doesn’t necessarily mean short. But it’s definitely a constraint on size.

I got my email today to choose what I wanted to finalize my backing of Wasteland 3. I could have added on a number of things, including a console copy of the game for an additional $18. That was tempting. But I stayed with my original bid, and for the free game I chose STASIS on GoG.

Nice, painless process. I didn’t even have to log in anywhere. They knew from me from my email click. I always love it when they do that.

Stasis is a good game. I chose the other one because I already have Stasis but that’s a great little bonus.

Weird news from Brian Fargo.

Brian Fargo is retiring after Wasteland 3.

He has been at it for a long time. I always assumed he had become a suit who didn’t really care about the games anymore in the waning years of Interplay before he left. But when he came back with these kickstarters, I gained a lot of respect for him. This is also a good reminder how long he’s been at this.

Yes, Fargo paid his dues, and then some. He sure as hell deserves some down time if he wants it.

Yes he deserves to kick back with some snake squeezins

Oh right I kickstarted this. I keep forgetting. I think it’s one of the few remaining Kickstarted projects I have. This and Psychonauts 2. I’m probably forgetting something.

Anyone else find that trailer unappealing? Looks derivative and generic. If that’s the best you can throw into a trailer, why even bother?

It’s fine. You’re being overly critical. It’s more Wasteland…for better or worse. I do like the winter wasteland change up though.

I was just going to type this basic sentiment. It looked solid, and considering what they were doing to “punch up” the trailer (for an otherwise slower paced RPG) this looked like it would be fun. InXile has been fairly miss with me with their development - I like what they do, but they never seem to quite nail the landing, in some way I can’t articulate. I keep bouncing off Wasteland 2 again, for instance, but I did play it and enjoyed it when it launched.

I’m guessing I’ll like, but not love, this and be glad to have played it. Though, if I’m wise, I’ll wait 9-12 months after release for the Wasteland 3 Director’s Edition.

I overall enjoyed Wasteland 2 but it was a throwback in some negative ways. Too many skill choices. Slow start, and probably too long to name a few.

Have to admit, I’m more looking forward to the original Wasteland remaster than this. Though I’ll play both of course.

I think Wasteland 2’s main problem was being a throwback RPG when there were lots of better throwback RPGs on the market, even some that had similar themes (Underrail) and combat (Divinity). I thought it was fine, but I’d steer people toward other titles first.

No, not at all.

The most unappealing thing about the trailer was the song (Land of Confusion for all you other millenials who can’t tell the difference between Hall & Oates and Genesis).
I hope you get the opportunity to kill Phil Collins in the game.

I didn’t get much further than the first city but the farm crop research facility mission was pretty cool.
10 different weapon skills was too much for me and I suspect I’m more into skill checks than companions so Disco Elysium might be my next RPG to start.

Wasteland 2 felt too much like a theme park with a series of multiple exhibits. I wasn’t “wowed” by how they handled the setting or overall theme. Meh.


I enjoyed Underrail, Dead State, etc. a lot more.