Brian Fargo is returning to the Wasteland for a third time

What’s the background on having UnderRail and Stasis attached to this campaign? Did the devs partner up with Inxile or is it more like Inxile’s own kick it forward initative?

The Bischoff brothers of STASIS -Chris occasionally posts about his projects here, by the way- were mentioned to be involved in creating some art used in the campaign. No idea about Underrail though.

Which is a very good thing, as people who have played STASIS know. Damn, the art in that game is gorgeous.

Whoa, 91% funded!

Backed this at the lowest level, but I’m really happy to see the campaign do so well. A few days before it the page was made public, Inxile emailed people on their newsletter to check out the pitch. They already had a decent number of investors then. If you click the little ‘i’ under the goal heading, you can see the overwhelming number of pledges are from investors: $2.5 million vs. $.5 million.

When I saw the new screens, I immediately though "Hey, that looks a bit like those awesome isometric game mockups that @Chris_Bischoff has posted in the past. Turns out that’s because he’s working on the game after all. Nice work Chris! (ps. hurry up and release CAYNE already, please! Cherry?)

Here’s one of the old images Chris posted for 1,000 Years Later. Did this kind of thing get you the gig, Chris, or has this turned up in Beautiful Desolation?

Thanks krsyzkrok!

I did some fan art for InXile back in days of the original WL2 Kickstarter campaign, and since then we have just kept in contact. At GDC we were actually staying in the same hotel, and had breakfast together a few times and started to discuss collaborating in a more official capacity.

Its been an amazing experience so far!

If you invest, do you still get a copy of the game? ;)

All right, Wasteland 3 is funded! To the shock of no one, I imagine.

I hope they keep single-playthrough length under control this time. I’m a fan of the genre but most games these days require 50- 100 hours to finish once. My interest wanes around 20-30, even if I enjoy the story and mechanics.

From what I’ve heard, Tyranny is targeting 25 hours per play through, with big differences from one play to the next. I hope they pull that off and that it encourages this saner approach to RPGs in the future.

Any clues on targeted length of WL3?

It’s a crowdfunding budget, so it’s unlikely to be a 100+ hour epic. Might hit 50, I dunno. Not sure what the estimated playthrough length of WL2 is since I only got maybe 60% through the first half before the Director’s Cut was announced and I stopped to wait for that (I still haven’t gone back now that it’s out, but my intention is to do so sometime before WL3 releases. Probably. Ish.)

Crowd funding doesn’t mean short. WL2 was crowd funded and way too long.

It means limited funds and relative brevity. Pillars of Eternity, for example, was pitched as being a successor to the Baldur’s Gate games but it’s a much smaller game than the second one and I think probably a fair bit shorter than the first as well (though I don’t remember that one as well). You’re right that it doesn’t necessarily mean short. But it’s definitely a constraint on size.

I got my email today to choose what I wanted to finalize my backing of Wasteland 3. I could have added on a number of things, including a console copy of the game for an additional $18. That was tempting. But I stayed with my original bid, and for the free game I chose STASIS on GoG.

Nice, painless process. I didn’t even have to log in anywhere. They knew from me from my email click. I always love it when they do that.

Stasis is a good game. I chose the other one because I already have Stasis but that’s a great little bonus.

Weird news from Brian Fargo.

Brian Fargo is retiring after Wasteland 3.

He has been at it for a long time. I always assumed he had become a suit who didn’t really care about the games anymore in the waning years of Interplay before he left. But when he came back with these kickstarters, I gained a lot of respect for him. This is also a good reminder how long he’s been at this.

Yes, Fargo paid his dues, and then some. He sure as hell deserves some down time if he wants it.

Yes he deserves to kick back with some snake squeezins

Oh right I kickstarted this. I keep forgetting. I think it’s one of the few remaining Kickstarted projects I have. This and Psychonauts 2. I’m probably forgetting something.