Brian Koontz Trial Verdict

In this thread,

Where is the option for WHIZ WHIZ WHIZ?! ( The spinny gif thing… )

I’m the only one to vote Innocent???

I can’t vote until I know all the facts involved. I must be told everything, and then be allowed to decide if Koontz is guilty.

He’s the most respected thinker on these boards by far… does that help?

Rumor has it that he gently touched… The Entity!

Gently touched his entity, maybe.

but in a non abusive manner.

The People rest their case Your Honor

The People rest their case Your Honor[/quote]

Haha, what a perfect link. TEH NEW SEXUAL PORN PARADIGM BY B. KOONTZ: uh, pretty much what half of new mainstream porn already is these days.

Shit bonerz.

I’m all for Koontz. I genuinly think he’s had good points in his posts lately. :)