Bridget Jones' Baby

I loved the first two and hope this one lives up. Has anyone seen it, or going to see it?

I really disliked all the characters in the first Bridget Jones, so I never watched the sequel.

Sometimes I do wonder though. The overall movie (the first one) was very different from anything I’d seen before, so a part of me is really curious about what could possibly be in the second and third movies.

Really? What did you dislike about them? The second one is funny, you should give it a go :D

Hulu currently has both the first two movies. However, they only have the 2nd movie until November 4th. So this forced my hand to watch these sooner rather than later.

I just re-watched the first movie last night. It’s the first time I’ve seen it since its 2004 release, so I’d forgotten a lot of it.

I have to admit, as someone who is 40, I had a lot more sympathy and empathy for Jones and Darcy and even Hugh Grant’s character than I did the first time I saw this movie. Nevertheless, at the start of the movie I really did hate Bridget Jones once again for being a drunk and for being a chain smoker. They created a character so unattractive, it’s hard to sympathize with her at the start. Hugh Grant is playing against type and his such an unrepentant asshole here. Nevertheless, I hated his line to her that finally made her say “that’s not good enough for me”. Even as slimy as he could be, I just don’t think he would say that to her, not if he was really trying to get her to accept him back. And finally Darcy is just so awkward and weird, I found myself rooting for him and yet, still never found him a wholly likeable character for some reason.

Still, I did appreciate the movie this time a lot more than I did originally. Even Hugh Grant’s loneliness and desperation is a bit endearing. And that fight between him and Darcy is just so good, I can’t believe I’d forgotten that. It reminded me of a fight between me and my best friend in college. We were mad at each other and yet didn’t want to do anything that would cause permanent damage when we fought. This fight had that same passion and hesitancy.

I guess now I’m ready to watch the second movie. Though I still don’t know what it could be about.

I saw the 2nd one…it’s an (inferior) retread of the 1st film, even including another ‘fight’ near the end.

I just watched the first half of the 2nd movie tonight, and so far it’s nothing like the first movie. This whole 1st half has been Jones and Darcy’s relationship. What I love about it so far is that every single little fight between them is well written and feels genuine. This is not easy to do. Often in a romantic story, the author will have the two people fight and it seems to be contrived in order to create drama so you cheer in the third act before they back together. But the first 48 minutes of the movie that I’ve seen so far dealt with real frictions and spats between that never felt contrived to me. So well done. I really enjoyed that.

(I’ll watch the second half tomorrow).

EDIT: I watched the second half. Disappointing.

I watched Bridget Jones’ Baby last night. I was irritated at the amount of bad CGI in a romantic comedy. Is it really necessary to use CGI to show Bridget going to music festival?

Bridget Jones herself looks so different compared to the other movies! She has lost a LOT of weight, is completely fit now, obviously has had a lot of plastic surgery work done on her face. She’s somehow even more incompetent at her job than in previous movies, and yet is still employed.

Overall, I still enjoyed the movie. It has some really funny moments later when Bridget gets pregnant and the two men vying for her attention are trying to be supportive of her.

There’s a flashback scene near the end, where they show the younger versions of Bridget and Mark, and boy they looked so much younger in the earlier movies. And I hadn’t fully realized that until the flashback scenes.

It’s a pretty unconventional romantic comedy in many ways, I’ll give it that. And I appreciate that as well. Overall I’m glad I watched the whole series.