Brightburn - James Gunn superhero horror

Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, and Meredith Hagner.

Directed by David Yarovesky

What if Superman, but evil. As I dislike horror as a genre, this is a hard pass. However James Gunn moves it up to maybe.

Depends how hard they lean in on the horror aspects.

Turned out to be a pretty good premise when Sanderson used it for Steelheart. I could see myself Netflixing this.

James Gunn is producing, but neither writing nor directing. It’s written by 2 of his brothers.

Yeah, this is maybe my least favorite kind of movie: the one that most friendquaintances and similar tangentially connected peoples (coworkers, family, etc) will assume that I’m super into and try to strike up conversation with me about, but which is actually exactly something that I would hate with a passion.

Hard, hard pass.

See also: Game of Thrones

Not-Superman stories are among my favorite type of Superhero story (e.g. Irredeemable, Red Son, Miracleman).

The Bad Seed/horror treatment does almost nothing for me though.

Well as a horror lover this totally appeals.

The Boys also handled the subject well. I mean, disturbingly, but well.

The cynic in me says this scenario is far more likely to occur than the idealized Boy Scout comic book version. Well, maybe, I’m not quite that cynical, but power corrupts and having that gaping disparity where there’s nothing anyone could ever do to punish you, there’s nothing to fear as a consequence for your actions, might be more freedom than 99.999% of us could ever handle wisely, benevolently.

My cousin was found at the crash site of a meteorite and he went down a similarly dark path. Don’t think I could watch this as it’d bring back too many bad childhood memories.

Yeah, it’s not the setup that is the deal breaker, it’s the genre.

So if this comes back and people say it isn’t really horror, but more thriller or something? I’ll be in. It’s the trailer making it seem like a horror movie.

Yeah, I don’t watch horror either. I just don’t like waiting to get scared.

I can do spooky but I don’t like all the jump-scares in horror movies, all the sudden camera reveals.

I’d prefer something more like Chronicle than actual horror. And the trailer seemed to indicate the latter pretty strongly.

Cmon, this is like Superman meets Carrie/The Omen. I like all the scenic references to other horror movies in the trailer, from Salems Lot to The Shining. Could be really cool!

This is looking awesome.

My concern is that this doesn’t have any interesting ideas beyond the premise. The trailers look like they’re giving away basically the first 4/5th of the movie. Kid gets bullied, discovers he has powers, goes on vengeance spree, goes mad with power, yadda yadda. All very boilerplate Stephen King stuff.

Yeah this is a weird mashup, what’s next - a super hero romcom? Super hero murder mystery? I’ll be glad when this whole super hero thing blows over.

Not entirely a rom-com, but:

And definitely some rom with this com:


I’m honestly surprised Superboy as an horror story hasn’t been done before. Chronicle came close, but a direct rip of the Superman origin, twisted with the reality of how bad it would be to try to raise an invulnerable superpowered teenager, seems pretty logical.