Brilliant satire or the epitome of nerdiness: YOU DECIDE!

This video contains every example of why I can’t stand Japanese console RPGs. I’m not sure if the creators were doing this to point out how ridiculous some of the conventions of the genre are or if they’re actually trying to be serious and have set the new high water mark of Final Fantasy fanboy-ism. Either way, watching this made me laugh far louder than I should have while at work.

Wow, that’s just… wow.

When the music changed and they started fighting I just about fell out of my chair.



It won’t stop until someone has themselves surgically altered to resemble a moogle.

Not quite as pathetic as the Ogre Battle LARPers. Close, though.

I don’t know that its necessarily indicative of Japanese RPGs as a whole. It seems exclusively limited to Final Fantasy parody. And I’m more inclined to assume its not so much parody so much as them really enjoying acting out a Final Fantasy game.

Yeah, this looks in earnest to me. It’s not exaggerated or self-aware enough to qualify as parody, IMO.

mirror? linky no worky

Struck me as a pretty obvious parody what with the mspaint “special effects”. Funny one too. :)

You can’t right-click save. At least, I couldn’t. Had to click in.

Sadly… I don’t think this is satire. If it is, it’s too subtle for most people to notice.

A mirror:

Ah, but does the MS Paint indicate parody or the inability to afford anything better than MS Paint?

It functions beautifully as parody, whether or not that was intention.

I have to think it was meant to be parody. Anything else would sooo sad.

I don’t think it’s a parody or sad. I think it’s a tribute.

that’s hilarious

Parody or not, it’s still console LARPing, and that makes it not only sad, but kiddie. :wink:

I think it would have been funnier the other way around, ala the “What is life were more like video games” episode of Futurama. I dunno, impose the cheesy FF-esque subtitles and combat-damage numbers over a scene from Hamlet or something.

  • Alan

Damn. I can’t really decide what this is. Either way, it’s funny. I’m not sure at who’s expense, however.

I was never a big fan, but that Futurama episode was glorious…

It’s amazing what the things people come up with. I find myself more entertained by it than laughing.

The combat sequence was kinda dull, but the chubby dude galloping through the forest was great.