"Bring Out the Wackos to Vote"

Another Abramoff associate, Mike Scanlon had previously pled out and is also serving as a cooperating witness. To return to the whole “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” debate, here is an example of a Republican lobbyist viewing his “base” in a cynical and exploitative fashion. The quote can be found on page 119 of this PDF , from Senate records.

Here is the quote (typed over from the PDF):

Simply put we want to bring the wackos out to vote against something and make sure the rest of the public lets the whole thing slip by them.

Read the whole chunk on page 119. It illustrates what I’ve been saying for a long time. I hope you moderates and libertarian/conservatives who went for Bush in 04 b/c teh Libruls are so eveel are happy now.

That’s some pretty damning stuff. I’d like to think that everyone else won’t let this “just slip by them” again, but I’m not holding my breath.

One great thing about wackos is, whenever people mention wackos and don’t point their finger directly at the wacko, the wacko knows they’re talking about wackos and not the completely sane and consistent point of view that they themselves espouse for the betterment of mankind.

I think these wackos might be able to see themselves in this part:

The wackos get thier information from the Christian right, Christian radio, mail the internet and telephone trees…

Also the part about cooking up biblical reasons to block it.

You know, in a perverse way I am quite impressed with the way the Republican core (big business types) has totally hoodwinked their “base” (the religious and socially conservative types).

For all their bark, when was the last time the GOP actually followed through on any of their looney social policies? Noise about a Federal Marriage Amendment basically stopped as soon as Election Day passed…

Here I thought I was going to have to wait until 2008 to rub things in peoples faces.

I noticed that too. I was equally impressed. Promising so much, delivering so little. I mean, most of what they offer is unconstitutional and they knnow it. It’s like promising your children Santa will bring them a unicorn. Sorry Timmy, the democrats killed Santa.

The best part is - the GOP faithful keep buying it!

I mean it’s been what, five years of Bush now? He hasn’t really delivered on any of the promised social stuff, despite having a Republican dominated Congress for most of his presidency.

Realistically I don’t think the GOP will ever follow through on this stuff. They need social conservatives angry - that’s what gets 'em out voting. If they don’t have anything to be angry about, they don’t get out to vote.

Seems to me that the polls for about the last year show that the “faithful” are getting smaller by the month. Yeah Bush et al has been in power for five years, but that’s only two elections. It’s not like people get to re-evaluate their votes every six months or something. I think (hope) that the big impact will come with Congressional elections where there are elections on a yearly basis.